How to Apply the Best Cheat Codes to Your Favourite Game?

Cheat codes are typically forms of password or key combination, which, when applied to a game, trigger an effect or event in that particular game. 

More than enabling you to play better, game cheats pave the way to unlocking new items, skipping levels and making you simply better at handling the gameplay.

Once you obtain a cheat code from a reliable source, all you have to do is enter the codes on your PC’s keyboard or enter it using a gaming controller. In the end, you will be rewarded with different avatars, infinite ammunition for firearms, and a hale and hearty character. 

Say you found a legitimate cheat code for your favorite game. So, how do you apply the code and rise to the position of top player?

How to Apply the Cheat Codes?

Cheat Codes
Apply the Cheat Codes

In general, game cheats and cheat codes are available for almost any type of video game. No matter the type of platform, whether it is a computer, console, android, or iOS, you can use the codes in one form or another.

Given here are different ways in which you can apply cheat codes for various video game platforms.

PC Games

Most of the cheat codes for PC games will require you to press specific keys on the keyboard to display the cheat console. For instance, in games like GTA, pressing the ~ key located above the Tab button on your keyboard will show the pop-up window to type the console command for the cheat you plan to use.

Once you are done, you will be addressed with a small pop-up indicating cheat activation.

Xbox Series

While playing Xbox games, you can enter the game cheat codes using the Xbox 360 controller. However, one part to keep in mind is that the black and white buttons are generally replaced with left and right bumpers in the console.

So, while entering the cheat codes, you must ensure that you follow the instructions correctly. 

iOS Games

Phones are not merely used for making calls or sending texts anymore. There are a myriad of iOS games making their way to ardent gamers. Just like PC games and Xbox games, you can use cheats even on your phone to make the game more fun.

To implement cheat codes like Konami code on iOS apps, you can use directional swipes to D-pad arrows and use the A, B, C buttons to use the iOS keyboard for entering game code.

Android Games

To enter codes in games like GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice, and more, you must install a hacker’s keyboard from the Google Playstore. Once done, customize the settings, switch the input method and start the game.

Then, open the game, use the specialized keyboard to key in the game cheats and enjoy the additional features and benefits.

Cheat codes, which were once applicable only to old-school games, have now evolved to support many modern games as well. With the introduction of online multiplayer formats, trophies, achievements, and rankings, using cheat codes has become inevitable.

With cheat codes, you don’t just win a game but enjoy the entire gameplay too. Apply the best cheat codes now and turn your character invincible. 

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