Sage – The Best Software Accounting in 2021

Sage business cloud accounting is the best and subscription-based accounting software with an extensive feature set. The software is affordable and packed with a solid set of features. The features include an invoice, reporting, and expense tracking. It offers all of this, and this software is still easy to use and set up.

This software tool can track inventories and reorder low quantities. So due to this, many businesses are using this software.


Like many other software solutions in 2021, sage accounting prices are also based on the monthly subscription fee. It frees you from purchasing the license, downloading updates, renewing annual plans, and distributing a limited license across your company. There are two subscription plans.

One is an accounting start. This plan is best for freelancers and self-employed individuals because it only costs $10 per month and supports a single user. This subscription plan also includes a bank feed, invoicing, expense management, and reporting.

A mobile app is also available for iPhones, iPad, and Android phones. The second price plan is accounting. This plan suits the more established and big businesses. It cost $25 per month and can support multiple users and companies. In addition to this, it also allows you to create quotes, estimates, and a forecast of your cash flow. Sage does not require long-term contracts, so that you can cancel easily anytime without any worry of early termination fees.


If you choose the accounting plan, you can create quotes, estimates, and invoices directly from the software with a single click. It saves you and your team the time that you would take to generate these separate documents and reports manually. In addition to this, you can also accept customer payments by connecting your Stripe account to sage accounting. 

In this software, there is also the option to connect credit and bank accounts to the software, which allows you to download your transaction history automatically. So in this way, you can quickly reconcile accounts with the smart bank reconciliation tool. This tool automatically matches bank transactions against items generated through the software.

Inventory Tracking:

If your business sells or tracks the physical products, then the sage business cloud accounting can track your business inventories, reorder products and manually adjust the stock quantities as needed.

If you carry a large number of items, you can bulk import the list with the help of a spreadsheet, which saves you a lot of manual data entry. The software also lets you mark the multiple sales prices for each item; you can also add product descriptions and categorize them as you see fit.


Regardless of the type of business you, now through the accounting reports are key to having a painless tax season, interesting investors in your company, and balancing your budgets. So, in this way, sage accounting allows you to run more than 20 financial reports, including profit and loss statements, balance sheets, trial balances, and aging reports.

In case if you regularly need to generate the same type of report. Then you can mark the report as a favorite by clicking the star icon. When you click on the star icon, this report will be organized under the favorites tab.

Software Integrations:

Sage business cloud accounting has more than 40 integrations that are available in the marketplace. It allows you to connect sage to the different business systems to make your operation run smoothly. For example, you have the chance to connect the accounting software to your point-of-sale POS system to record and categorize transactions without any manual input, which can help you in saving time and labor financial reconciliation. This software can also connect to the customer relationship management system to ensure that the clients receive the best service under your care.’

Customer Support:

The Sage accounting website has multiple resources to help you fix a problem, learn how to use the system, and get general tips and tricks. The website features the blog, community forum, knowledgebase, and how-to videos, all of which can guide you through any situation you face.

The company also offers you training courses through the sage University to help you get a better handle on your business’s finances. If you want direct assistance, customer service is available via email, live chat, and phone and support ticket system.

Easy Set Up:

Compared to some other accounting software, the sage accounting software can set up very quickly in just a few minutes. When you first log in to the site, then you are greeted with the checklist of getting started on the summary menu that lists tasks that you have to complete. You can also customize to your personal preferences so that they are compatible with your work style.

Some other tabs on the screen, such as sales, expenses, cash flow statement, and cash flow forecast, will display the key information as an attractive graph and chart that gives you a clear overview of your financial health.

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