What To Look For In A Gaming Monitor In 2021 – Everything You Need To Know

Whether you are playing a game or viewing photos or doing anything A Gaming Monitor while watching a screen, everything will look lackluster if you don’t have the correct display. 

The monitor is the soul of any PC if you are on a hunt to find the best monitor for gaming. Only a hardware pro understands how vital features are and how it changes your whole gaming experience. There are tons of products available in the market; it would be difficult for you to know which features and specs are valuable or not. 

What should you do then? Should you get a 144hz gaming monitor? How can you identify the difference between the right and wrong product? How to choose a monitor for gaming? 

Here is a complete guide that’ll help you find out the best gaming monitor without much effort. 

Determine first what you want.

Question yourself and determine the actual reason for buying a monitor, whether for gaming purposes or professional use, or general use. Of course, gamers prefer a high-quality product with good response time, screen size, display design, refresh rate, screen quality, color clarity. Don’t worry if you aren’t aware of these; we are here to guide you. So let’s dive into it before wasting time. 

Invest in certified brands 

Accurate out of the box with calibration capabilities, flicker-free goes longer than 8 to ten hours, recommended by pro gamers and professionals. 


You need a minimum of 10 bit; 8-bit won’t give you desired results. If possible, select 12 bit for accurate graphics. 

Screen Size

Screen size matters; the best resolution means the better picture. Monitor resolution is the most crucial thing in any monitor. Wherever you go or purchase online, any monitor must check its resolution. A resolution shows how crisp and clear image quality is, or we can say how many pixels a significant monitor has. 4k monitors are the best choice if you are a pro gamer or want to start your gaming career. 

Display Design 

After screen size, its design plays an important role in buying a gaming monitor. Thirty-two inches curved monitor would be a perfect match for those who are still finding the answer of what to look for in a gaming monitor for ps4, ps5, and Xbox. 

Refresh Rate

Only gamers can understand what refresh rate means; an enormous number equals better, less choppy, and smoother gaming experience. Refresh rate shows monitor updates new info per second, and it is usually represented by Hz. choose a monitor with an average fresh rate 144Hz to 240 Hz, but make sure your graphic card is working while gaming.

Panel Type 

There are three types of panels 

  1. TN works fastest but low-quality monitors, low response with, high refresh rate, commonly used by gamers.
  2. IPS is slightly faster and better in quality, somewhat expensive but perfect for viewing angles, and shows the best colors commonly used by professionals. 
  3. VA, the best contrast among these three panels, long response time with higher refresh rate, better than TN, shows the most significant difference and images, perfect for general use.

Curved Design 

Curved-designed monitors provide convenience. A large field of view helps you to dig in it and be focused. Ultrawide curved monitors are usually 30 inches which are pretty expensive. 

Connectivity and role of Connectors

Always make sure, monitor in which you are going to invest is compatible with your PC. Connectors are the most fundamental units of any monitor. Your investment relies on these tiny wires. Display port, HDMI, Audio out, USB ports are some of the input and output connectors. Test before making a purchase. 

G-Sync vs. FreeSync 

Best gaming monitors have G-Sync technology that helps in running graphic cards. Free Sync is also used by the pro gamers that run with PCs and help running AMD graphic cards. 

Both are perfect for gamers; G-Sync relies on a display port. On the other hand, FreeSync works with either HDMI and Display port.

Adaptive-Sync technology support refresh rate, like G-Sync, can bring the 30 Hz refresh rate at the monitor’s maximum level. 


G-Sync or FreeSync both depend on hardware. Check first what hardware is installed inside your computer, and then the choice will be clear. 

Overdrive and Motion Blur reduction feature

These features are already available in gaming monitors. These features prevent ghosting-a blurry trail on moving objects. 

This blurry tail shows that when moving objects create on the screen, uneven pixel transition occurs.

Overdriving prevents ghosting by speeding up pixel transitions. Motion blur reduces ghosting and maintains on-screen resolution, and shows every object more intensely. 


Invest in high-end brands; there are affordable options too, it is hard to explain which one is a perfect match for you. Go on a gaming monitor hunt and find the best gaming monitor. 

Average prices 

  • 144 Hz at 1080p $200 or less to $400 or more
  • 60 Hz at 4K: $250 or less to $400 or more.

It’s totally up to you if thousands of affordable and expensive stuff is available. Make the right choice. Don’t let scammers hit your pocket.


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