Best TV Streaming Apps For Android

The television world is changing drastically with the advent of new digital streaming platforms. The popular growing digital channels are beating up the traditional cable, and the situation is escalating every minute. A modern 55-inch TV screen has the potential to wipe out the conventional 28-inch cable TV. 

With the LED TV price becoming reasonable and affordable for many people, the trend of digital channels is spreading rapidly. The millennials’ elevating demand for new, original, and unique content has allowed many independent digital streaming channels to enter the TV world. New TV applications and digital platforms are created with the rising demand as people now love to binge-watch more rather than seeing a non-controllable program on television. 

The best TV streaming apps for Android are as follows:

Amazon Prime Video:

Amazon Prime is Amazon’s streaming service that has become one of the leading TV apps for viewing movies and TV shows. The app comes along with the Amazon Prime service that offers two-day shipping, video content, cloud storage, and music streaming stuff in one place. They have the best service and provide video content in 4K HDR resolutions. The Prime Video contains a wide variety of content in the regional languages and also content from other countries in the world. The platform lets you check the LED TV price in real-time and also entertains you with various entertaining content.


Netflix is the most popular digital streaming service globally that has so much to offer on a global level. The app was founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolf in 1997 and had its headquarters in California. The streaming application is available in most countries, offering diverse titles, brilliant original series content, award-winning movies and web series, documentaries, and even stand-up specials for people to watch. It has modern technical features ranging from Chromecast to Dolby Vision, making video content in the best configuration for a 55 inch TV or a 75-inch TV. 


Disney+Hotstar is the go-to streaming service for watching live sports, TV shows, and the best of movies. The application has the greatest movies and TV shows that ripped all the other contenders from competing. Novi Digital Entertainment is a Star India subsidiary that owns the Disney+Hotstar streaming service. The app has several hours of shows for kids that can be controlled with Kids-safe mode and entertain the children in the best possible ways. The adults can also watch their favorite shows and original content in the application that is exclusive to the streaming channel.


Hulu is a more diverse streaming service that lets you watch several old TV shows, anime, movies, and many other kinds of stuff. The American streaming application is owned by one of the business segments of Comcast’s NBC Universal and The Walt Disney Company. The app offers live TV with regional restrictions, blackouts, and other additional terms and conditions. The streaming service has various selections available and over 50 different channels that should work for most people. 

Sony LIV:

Sony LIV is an international pioneer platform that ensures viewers have the best entertainment in real-time and on the go. Sony Pictures Network Pvt Ltd owns the Indian streaming service. The app can offer over 40,000 hours of video content in various genres like comedy, action, thriller, and drama and also provide original content produced by Sony LIV. You can watch many major sports and games content available in the service and also live TV channels. The application is a brilliant collection of endless video content to watch at any time and any place.


The independent digital streaming platforms let us watch live TV on our smartphones while on the move and cut our boredom during travel. These applications can provide the best entertainment and modern TV world with just a tap of a button. Transforming with the changing technology is always a boon, and the TV’s live streaming service on our phones is a miracle, thanks to the internet. 

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