Time To Assess: 5 Reasons You May Need A New Inverter Battery


Whether your battery’s working fine or it is not, it is always advisable to get it serviced/checked on a regular basis. This will help you to identify early on if your inverter battery needs any repair or replacement. In fact, replacing your battery before it completely breaks down, will also help you avoid the last minute hassle of running around and the inconvenience you might have to bear because of no power backup. Therefore, in this post we have discussed five important signs/ reasons for upgrading your existing inverter battery to a new one. Let’s read on.

1. Your battery backup time has significantly reduced.  

If your battery is discharging earlier than it used to, this could be a potential signal that your inverter battery needs to be replaced with a new one. This could be because of lack of maintenance of the battery or the battery having reached its end of life. Check the water levels in the battery and have your battery serviced. In case the problem persists then it’s a clear indication that your battery is not holding as much charge as it used to, earlier. The only way out is to get your old battery replaced with a new one.

2. The battery is breaking down on a very frequent basis.

If your battery is not working fine despite repeated repairs then you might want to consider replacing it. In fact, if the battery is under warranty, make sure you get the battery replaced as soon as possible because the sooner you get it replaced the better the exchange rate you will receive it. There’s no point keeping a faulty battery and letting the exchange value depreciate because of procrastination.  

3. There’s an increment in your load requirement.

With the passage of time, homeowners buy new appliances and other electronics. As a result there is an increase in their electrical load requirement. If you bought an inverter battery that was not meant to take the increased load then your current inverter and battery will not be able to support your power requirement. You will have to go for a new battery with a higher capacity that can provide increased battery backup. 

4. The battery is old and way past its lifecycle.

While some good batteries may last longer than their warranty periods, you may still want to replace a battery once it’s past the warranty period. This would help you avoid unexpected breakdowns. What you can also do is replace your battery when it is past its flat warranty period and is eligible for pro rata warranty. Here’s an example to understand flat warranty and pro rata warranty.


If a battery has 60 months of flat warranty and 15 months of pro rata warranty it implies that you get 60 months of free service. And from the 61st month to the 75th month you get to replace your old battery with a new battery at a certain discount %. Sooner you replace the battery during the pro rata period higher the discount. 

5.  Poor battery quality and unsatisfactory customer support.

Sometimes we tend to buy cheap quality batteries because of lack of research or just because they are cheaper. If you have landed such a battery that’s not provided optimum backup or the after sales support is not providing required support then you may want to consider switching to a battery from a reputable brand. One such brand that is known for its quality products and excellent customer support is Luminous India. 

Want to upgrade to a new inverter battery?

If you are fed up with your existing inverter battery and want to replace it with a new battery, make sure you buy from a trusted name like Luminous India. Also, don’t just throw away or discard your old battery. Exchange it at a Luminous distributor near you. It will not just help you save money but you will also be acting as a responsible citizen.

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