Gravity Based UF Water Purifier is The Best Water Purifier for Tap Water: Here’s Why

The UF means Ultra-filter and it is a similar membrane like that of RO membrane, except that it has larger pores. The UF water purifier uses the simplest water purification technology and for water purification, it uses certain special things like gravity, sediment filters, and activated carbon. One of the primary reasons why people use UF water purifier is because they don’t need electricity to operate.

UF water purifier is the only water purifier that is the best for all cities and is specially designed for tap water. Once you can install the UF water purifier, you can be certain that you will get access to healthy tap water without any chemical contamination, given how the UF can remove the smallest virus and germs.

Why UF Water Purifier is The Best Thing to Have in Your House?

You Don’t Need to Count on Electricity for Functioning

The gravity-based water purifier doesn’t need electricity for smooth functioning but rather needs the water pressure of the normal pipe.

100% Physical Removal of Germs from the Water

Unlike the UV water purifiers when even after being killed, the bodies of the germs don’t go anywhere but rather stay in the water, the gravity based water purifier ensures physical removal of all the viruses and germs from the water. It is when the UF water purifier is flushed clean, that the physical bodies of the germs and viruses are kicked out from the water.

Even the Most Cloudy and Muddy Water is Purified

You can trust the gravity-based water purifier to purify muddy and turbid water. They can purify the muddy water and work towards eliminating all the germs and dirt by removing them physically from the water. The UV water filters aren’t good in purifying turbid muddy water, given how the germs present in the water are protected from the UV rays with the help of turbid dirty water particles.

You Drink Water that is Better than Boiled Water

Even after you have boiled the water, the dirt, germs and their eggs stay as it is in their boiled state. But not when you have installed a UF water purifier, as they are capable of filtering out every little germ and their eggs followed by dirt.

You Don’t Require any Annual Maintenance Contract

What keeps a UF water purifier intact for several years is their exclusive manual flushing system which flushes out all the dirt and germs through a drain.

The UF Water Filters can Stand the Test of Time

The gravity-based water purifiers can work for a decade before you would need any major servicing from the manufacturer.

Thy Don’t Breakdown Easily

The UF water filters can always be trusted for pure water. The robust UF membranes make it tougher and nearly impossible for impure water to pass through. The worst scenario that can occur is that the flow of the UF water purifier can become slower, but that is fine since you can clean it to bring back the flow.

They Are Equally Good As A RO Purifier

The UF water purifiers are as good as the RO water purifiers when you install them with either public or even Municipal tap water or pipes.

Do You Need UF Water Purifier in Your House?

The gravity-based water purifier is the most budget-friendly water purifier which uses an efficient and easy process of removing all types of microorganisms like bacteria, chlorine, clay, sand, and dust particles. Despite getting water supply from the Municipal Corporation, your water might contain either dust particles or bacteria irrespective of being purified. The water supply from the municipal corporation is also chlorine-treated, which in turn makes the water unfit for health. Hence, a gravity-based water purifier is essential to get rid of all the toxic contaminants from the water.

Know-How Gravity Based Water Purifiers Work

The gravity-based UF water purifier includes about a couple of compartments; the upper and lower compartment. By filling water in the upper compartment, the purified water will get stored in the lower compartment. Multiple filters are present in between both the compartments. To purify the water, the UF water purifiers take the help of a simple water purification technique. Since the gravity-based UF water purifiers don’t run on electricity, they are the cheapest type of purifier. Instead of electricity, the water purifiers use sediment filters, activated carbon filters, and gravity for the water purification process.

Sediment Filters

The sediment filter of the UF water purifier acts as a net that is responsible for eradicating the dust particles and other impurities present in the water which is visible to your naked eyes.

Activated Carbon Filters

The activated carbon filters are made from coconut shell, wood, and coal and are activated through the addition of the positively charged ion, which lets it absorb all the contaminants. The activated carbon filters also absorb other chlorine by-products and VOCs present in the water.

The gravity-based water purifier is the simplest and most basic purification technology. It is cheap and one of the finest solutions if your water supply comes from the Municipal and contains certain contaminants like viruses and bacteria which you need to remove to make it fit for drinking. They are more powerful than UV water purifiers since even the smallest of contaminants can be removed through the former.

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