Trending Necklace Designs to Look Out For!

Women love to adorn jewelry, that’s no secret there. From beautiful necklaces, rings, armlets, bracelets, bangles, nose pins, the choices are limitless for them. Of all the ornaments necklaces or chains have a special place in a woman’s jewelry collection. It’s a direct reflection of a woman’s style, social status, and affiliation. With evolving times, the designs for necklaces have evolved from being bulky, and chunky to delicate, minimalistic, and dainty, so that women can wear them on an everyday basis without having to worry about it being really heavy around their neck. Listing here is the trending necklace designs you should look out for this year.

1. Gold Pendant Necklace: Have you ever felt something missing after you have dressed up? It could be a simple gold pendant chain that you need to complete your look. You can never go wrong with a stylish gold pendant set, it compliments both western and Indian outfits. To grab the attention of people, you can pick a necklace with a big statement gold pendant, and there are different designs available, like floral, geometrical shapes, leaf motifs etc. On the contrary, if you are on a website for buying gold pendants to wear for work, then pick sleek, and simple designs that will go well with work blouses and trousers. 

2. Choker Necklace: A necklace that snugly sits around the collar bone is called a choker or even a collar necklace. Indian women usually associate wearing a choker necklace with a saree or a kurta set. Millennials are breaking this stereotype, and like to pair a choker with a button-down shirt for a casual outing. 

3. Gemstone Pendant Necklace: Say hello to the colorful saga of dazzling gemstones necklaces to elevate your look. Gemstone pendants add a perfect pop of color to your monotonous daily wear. If you dint already know, there is a designated gemstone for every month, so you can create a new look month on month. It’s important that when you are exploring a website for buying gemstone pendants check the clarity, cut, color, and shape of the gemstone that’s embedded into the pendant. These days gemstones are not just limited to Emeralds, Sapphires, and Rubies, many lesser-known gemstones are hogging the limelight, like purple beauty Amethyst, cool sky blue Aquamarine, and moonstone that reflects the rainbow lights to name a few.

4. Link Gold Necklace: The paperclip model gold chain is trending these days, and it’s a must-have in your jewelry collection. This model gives a chunky look to the necklace, and you can team this with a denim jacket, casual shirt, and even an evening gown to grab the eyeballs.

5. Charm Necklace: Charm bracelets have always been a favorite of several women, and now charm necklace is dominating the jewelry scene. Charm necklaces are a perfect way to put together the elements you like the most and trust us, you can make your DIY charm necklace. Add three or four unique pendants that symbolize your interests or passions to a single chain, and there you are with your distinctive style statement. 

Hope you will welcome the above hugely popular necklace styles into your collection.

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