How to Make the Most of a Live Casino Experience

The live casino concept is one that seeks to solve the never-ending argument about which is better – online casinos or brick and mortar casinos. There are arguments for and against both, with some preferring the convenience of online and others believing that nothing beats the atmosphere of the casino floor. 


Live casinos operate online but with live dealers operating in real-time and opportunities to interact socially with other players. This brings together the thrill of the casino with the accessibility of online play, giving something to proponents of each side of the debate.


History of the Live Casino

Live casinos were first established in the 1990s, although advances in technology have meant the concept has only truly taken off over the past few years. From the mid-2000s onwards, live casinos began to incrementally increase in popularity. However, at that time the technology was still in its infancy and experiences were not always smooth. Unreliable streaming connections and slow speeds meant that many were unimpressed with the live casino experience.


The advent of high-speed internet and broadband connections changed all that in a heartbeat. Once the technology caught up with the concept, live casinos suddenly began to boom in popularity. Today, the online live casino experience is an attractive choice for many gamers around the world, offering the best of both worlds in a single package.


Unique Crossover

The live casino is a unique crossover that offers players all the best aspects of playing online combined with the exhilaration, visuals and energy of the physical casino experience. casinos online no longer means spending solitary evenings at home, conversing only with algorithms and chatbots. Today’s gamers can visit virtual casinos and interact with sophisticated human croupiers and live dealers, as well as enjoying social interactions with other players through chat facilities. 


Casino game players today have the option to immerse themselves fully in the physical casino experience, yet without having to worry about transport, queuing or even getting dressed to be able to enjoy it. Live casinos are often available 24/7, which lets players join in at any time of day or night and share the encounter with other players from anywhere in the world.


Bonuses and Rewards

One of the pros for online casinos is that players are often rewarded with bonuses and other promotional offers for joining and for playing regularly, in a format that brick and mortar casinos cannot compete with. Live casinos offer multiple opportunities to generate free spins, collect points and receive exciting promotional offers.


The sheer proliferation of online betting sites today means there is fierce competition between operators to draw in customers. The best part about this for the consumer is that these sites are constantly evolving new offers and incentives to bring people in and to keep them playing once they have arrived. This means many players can enjoy winnings without making deposits or increase their winnings and their time at the table at no additional cost.


Budget Planning

Another benefit of playing online is that most sites make it simple for players to monitor their spending. Rather than entering a casino with pockets full of cash and a back-up credit card to hand, players must choose a deposit amount when they first sign up. There are also typically a wide variety of tables and games with different minimum bets, which can start as low as a single penny or cent. This lets players experience more games without risking large amounts of cash, which is particularly useful for novices who are learning the games.


Most online casino websites will also offer some form of protection for gamblers in the form of optional self-exclusion. This is where players who feel they may be spending too much n their hobby can choose to have themselves excluded from the website for a set period of time. Other options include setting maximum deposit limits and using on-site data to monitor spending.


Social Play

Live casinos create unique opportunities to socialise with both friends and like-minded strangers online in a safe environment. The lack of social contact in online casinos has often been cited as one of the reasons why many prefer to visit a brick and mortar venue. Now players can experience the same level of social interaction online as they can in person. Chat facilities are provided in-game and many websites also provide chat rooms that players can access before and after a game. This lets people continue their conversation without having to pay to play more or log out and communicate through a different channel.


Going Mobile

The recent 5G roll-out has meant that live casino games are now accessible through mobile as well as home computers. Faster speeds and stronger connectivity mean that mobile players can log in and play in real time without lag or loss of connection at a vital moment in the game. This increases the convenience quota and makes live casino games accessible to more players.


To really make the most of any live casino experience, players should look for fully licensed online casinos and seek out the games they enjoy that offer the highest RTP or return to player. This increases the chances of making a win and ensures players are safe online.


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