5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Lips

In the busy tone of your life, it becomes difficult to find time for self care. But somehow you make up some time to mend your hair, facial skin, body skin and nails. Here, the most neglected ones are your lips. But with  quick thinking, you can improvise your lip colour, texture and plumpness with these timely lip care tips. A mere sweep of these nourishing and stimulating ingredients activates your lip surface and blood circulation underneath. The dead lip cells and previous residues of lip cosmetics are removed for cleaner lips. Avoid the dry, chapped and flaking lips with the goodness stored in these simple lip products.

Lip cleansing and moisturization are the twin factors of utmost importance in the genre of lip care. It takes no time to prepare, buy and apply these. You can even make use of ingredients at home to make your own lip scrubs and hydrating agents. Healthy and light coloured lips make your lip cosmetics look fabulously hot. So break the chain of monotonous lip care routine by substituting the previous methods with the right ways of caring. It surely makes a huge difference before and after the lip care routines on a regular basis.

Why Lip Care?

  1. As a natural opening, their poor condition is undesirable.
  2. Dry and chapped lips can crash down your makeup.
  3. Neglect of lip care leads to darkening of lip surface.
  4. Direct application of coloured cosmetics on bare lips forms lines and wrinkles.
  5. For smooth, pouting and lighter lip tones with exfoliated, cleansed lips.
  6. To avoid the cracking lip surface due to lower moisture supply and dehydration.
  7. To protect lips from the damaging UV rays with  SPF enabled lip cosmetics, just like your facial and body skin.

5 Tips for Perfect Lip Protection

Timely care can avert severe dryness and peeling lip surface conditions. Opt the following items to heal, cleanse and hydrate your lips. 

  1. Lip scrubs can be prepared at home or bought from the cosmetic range. Honey, brown sugar granules, few drops of coconut oil or olive oil etc make a simple lip scrub. The sugar granules scrub out or exfoliate pores, dead lip cells too. It deals with the film of other lip cosmetic residues. Rub it to your lips with a finger and leave it on for a while. Splash water to clear the paste from your lips and get cleaner and smoother lips.
  2. Citrus or fruit (lemon, orange, strawberry, raspberry rich in vitamin C)  and vitamin (vitamin A, C, B, E) supplements in lip cosmetics or lip scrubs can awaken the lip cells. The antioxidants in these help to reverse the effects of aging of the lip cells. They render lips, lighter in colour and tranquil in texture.
  3. Aloe vera, milk extracts such as butter, shea and coconut butter moisturization ensures the hydration of lip surface. These even heal the lines and revive the shrunken lip cells.
  4. Lip creams are readily available for you to choose from favourite flavour and ingredients for the pampering action. Overnight lip creams show their results the next day itself.
  5. Lip balms or petroleum jelly and other lip cosmetics such as lipsticks and lip gloss to enhance the beauty of your lips. The lip balms are a must before applying the other cosmetics, as these protect and hydrate your lips for longer periods. The drying effects of lipsticks and glosses can be kept at bay with lip balms. Balms also caress and seal the curves and edges of your lips for better finishes of the other cosmetics.
  6. Oiling your lips with olive oil forms a protective layer enriched with antioxidants and antimicrobial resistance. It seals your lips from drying out quickly and is safe if you have the habit of licking your lips occasionally.

These are very simple ways to practice at home for soft lips. You will grow fonder of your lips and will never fail to take care of them with scrubs to creams for regular applications. 


Once your lips are maintained properly with apt hydration, smoothness and pouting curves, then you can freely choose your lipsticks and lip glosses. These products usually render your lips dry. In that case, deploy your lip balm before applying these. And enjoy the attractive colours and sheen of your lips. Mix and match with your makeup cosmetics for lovely, breathtaking features. Your lips would no more trouble you with dry line formations. Just keep up with everyday routine as suggested in the lip care tips above and share the info with others. Spread the word girls!

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