Things You Can Order Online During Lockdown

The world is grappling with the second wave of COVID-19 Lockdown. The effects of the second wave are more serious than the first wave. The cases are on the rise and it’s a nationwide emergency in terms of health. In the interest of people’s welfare and security from the devastating effects of COVID-19, the nation is under lockdown. 

With lockdown in place means shops remain closed. However, essential good services are made available to the general public by licensing ration shops to open up for a period of time. Still, doctors and health practitioners are continuously advising not to step out of the house when not urgent, to maintain social distancing. 

There are a number of families who have tested positive for the COVID-19 or youngsters living alone that are unable to go to markets to buy FMCG goods or hesitate to go out because of the spread of the virus. If you too are facing a similar situation, our advice would be to order food and other necessities online. Many online portals are doing a great job in meeting the needs of people in such a pandemic situation. Moreover, online platforms have introduced contactless delivery services, sanitization; thus ensuring safety of its customers. Without any hesitation, you can order things online. 

Items that you can order online includes: 

1. Groceries:

Grocery markets or sabzi mandi the colloquial term for it is one of the most crowded markets of the area. The market receives huge footfall, and visitors from nearby areas as well. In overly crowded places it can be difficult to maintain social distancing. Moreover, you yourself are quite afraid to go to such places.

Groceries and fruits are an essential item. You need to consume them. If you have COVID-19 patients in Lockdown, you would need fruits and vegetables for them as well. You can order surplus from online grocery stores. Farm-fresh produce will be delivered to your home. Bigbasket, Grofers, Easyday, are a few websites. Amazon and Flipkart also provide similar services. 


2. Medicines:

Today is the age where medicine is food. We all are forced to consume medicine as religiously as we eat food. Plus, people with low immunity levels are recommended to have multi vitamin supplements for fighting the virus in Lockdown. Folks who already are sick or have tested positive with the virus have to take several medicines throughout the day to control the adverse effects and to build their health.

Medical stores are open but flooded and facing shortage of medicines. That’s common and understandable given the current unrest. You can order medicines from online medical stores such as pharmeasy, Medlife. They ask for advanced orders so that they can complete deliveries on time. You would get additional discounts as well.  if you order from Canadian pharmacy online in Lockdown.


3. EveryDay Essentials:

As everyone is at home, the consumption of goods and services has increased. In addition to groceries and fruits, you have the requirement of bakery products like milk, bread, eggs, butter. Then your everyday essentials also include laundry detergents, and household cleaning and supplies in Lockdown.

If you have children at home, it’s hard to keep them away from snacks and candies. You need packets of chips, stationery for online classes in Lockdown. There’s a lot of other essentials that you would be requiring. You can easily get these from online stores. The same one you are using for your food and grocery. 

EveryDay Essentials

4. Cakes:

Previous year has taught us how to ace home-celebrations. We have realised that our family is important and above all. And, you can have a great time enjoying birthdays and anniversaries with all those who matter to you, Most importantly.

You should never give up on the celebrations because celebrating moments is a sheer blessing in this pandemic era. For celebrations, you will need a cake in Lockdown. You have tried all the baking recipes and this year you want a rest. Go for online cake order in Bangalore and avail online delivery. Many bakeries from the likes of Bakingo, Iyengar bakery, cakewala, etc. 


Some precautions to take when you order goods online: 

  • Sanitize the products and leave for sometime before you start using them or storing
  • Go for online payments if possible to avoid contact in COD 
  • Never open any packaging from your mouth 
  • Always wash and sanitize your hands before and after opening of the ordered products.

Take care, folks!

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