Top 10 best Racing Games for ps4 in 2020

There is no doubt that PS4 games are one of the great selections for playing racing games from the day it came into the market. As we know PS4 provides real-time experience to the players which enhance their gaming experience weather we talk about Arcade racing games or other types of games. Today we are here with the list of best racing games for ps4 which are selected by most of the users as well as experts. So let us check out which are the most amazing and best ps4 racing games.

Best Racing Games for PS4 in 2020

1. Grip

The grip is one of the combat racing games which is counted as one of the best racing games for ps4. It is a little bit difficult to play for kids and newbie because of its challenging gameplay. There are much different chaos’s and its handling is very much accessible which makes this game the best car racing game for ps4.


This game is the best car racing game for ps4. Its responsive steering makes it satisfying and keeps the player boosted and so much involved in the game while playing. According to many users, this is the best free ps4 games. One more interesting thing about this game is that while racing you can also track the race which makes it exciting.


The game is one of the best multiplayer racing games for ps4 as well as best multiplayer ps4 games, also good for kids who are experienced in playing racing games. It is difficult to handle for newcomers but once you get used to it you will never get your hands off.

2. Track Mania: Turbo

Track mania: turbo is refined as well as a responsive game with a lot of colors. This best street racing game for ps4 is compulsive to play and it is also the best car racing game for ps4. The game is counted in arcade racing games where you have to complete the race to win the game. This game is has a map to guide the cars and turbo boost pads to make the gameplay convenient.

Track Mania: Turbo


You have to be very careful while drifting your car. If you choose a wrong moment to drift then you may also get out of the race. No doubt this game is counted in one of the best racing game ps4. There are many exciting vehicles available in the game which makes the races more exciting.


This is the best street racing game for ps4 and brilliant driving game that is fun, fast and sometimes acts as frustrating. This game is highly energetic and recommended for adults as well as kids.

3. Tiny Trax

Tiny Trax is counted in the list of best racing games on ps4 is very much comfortable to play. The gameplay of this game is very simple and it also creates a cool atmosphere in the gaming room. The game gives an opportunity to pass the challenging racing tracks. The game has different levels which can also be defined as the ranks of the drivers or players.

Tiny Trax


Tiny Trax brings you to action with its tiny racing cars. The size of the cars doesn’t affect the speed, drifting and jumping quality of the car. However, this game is made for kids but people of any age can enjoy this game. This quality of the tiny Trax makes its best racing game ps4.


This best ps4 games 2019 much fun. It’s amazing gameplay with a tracking map to help the riders to track every moment of the race. The game is recommended for the people who love to play kid’s games.

4. Redout: Light speed Edition

This game has an amazing anti-gravity mechanism which makes it one of the best ps4 racing games. The game has many surprising elements and also has sound, sense of speed and intense racing. The graphics of the game are very much exciting and inspire the riders to play more.


This is a fast paced racing game that is designed for 18+ gamers. Players can communicate with each other via messages via playing online games. The rest of the things in this game is the same as other games.


If you are looking for the best ps4 racing games then Redout is your best option. The game has tristy tracks which makes it more interesting and amazing.

5. Horizon Chase Turbo

This arcade racing game looks like ordinary racing games but it has so many surprise elements and content which makes it one of the best ps4 racing games for PS4. This can support local multiplayer which means you can play this game with your friends offline as well.

Horizon Chase Turbo


The game genre is the ultra-fast racing game which also needs ultra-fast players. Once you get involved in this game you will get addicted. This is why the game is counted in the best ps4 racing game list.


The game has hundreds of racing avatars and many cars which a player can unlock while playing at different levels. This game is recommended for those who love to play ultra-fast and best racing ps4 games.

6. Sprint Vector

Spring vector is one of the VR PlayStation car racing games worth highlighting. The game has two PS move controllers, which are accessible with the arms of the player. The game has a lot of action which makes it the best ps4 racing games.

Sprint Vector


Spring vector is a VR supported ps4 racing game which is supported by a brilliant tracking map. Players can also play this game in teams which are a very unique feature in a racing game.


This is one of the big and bold ps4 racing games which provide a focused experience to the players. The game is all about learning movements and controls.

7. Drive Club

Drive club is a fascinating game with an amazing story. It takes some time to launch the game but when the story plays it excite players very much. The graphics of the game are quite impressive and also it is easy to handle. Along with the cars players can use bikes also to conduct a race.

Drive Club


As we already explained that the handling of this game is simplified and sensible. It also allows the players to modify wheels and increase the horsepower of the vehicles. There is one problem in this game which is that if you don’t choose the right place to drive your car, it will destroy the car.


This game is considered as best car game for ps4 by the players and experts as well. As it is a conventional arcade game, it also has many colors and new features which provides it different aspect. Online racing in this game is very enjoyable.

8. Onrush

This game is counted in the best car game for ps4 because of its color arcade feature. The objective of the players of this game is to reach the finish line with the help of boosters. The boost abilities of the vehicles of the game are amazing and it comes in four gaming modes.


The games have no passing cars, no laps, and no placings. There are only two teams one is winning team and another is losing the team. This setup irritates the player sometimes but overall it is a nice game.


In the list of ps4 racing games, Onrush is one of the most original games. You simply forget going faster while playing because its more than just about speed. The game will change your perspective about racing games.

9. Wreckfest

Wreckfest is the best racing game for ps4 developed by Bugbear entertainments. The game has realistic graphics which keep player connected with the game. It also has some technical issues but with different surprises, it balances all the hang-ups.



Wreckfest is one of the best racing games for ps4 which is also better than Fallout. As the game is considered as the true successor of Destruction Derby. I personally enjoy this game very much due to its gameplay and awesome graphics.


It is one of the best four wheels racing games that can be played by very serious racers. The game has some technical issues which are resolved by the developer’s time by time.

10. Team Sonic Racing

Team Sonic Racing game is better than all other racing games for ps4. The collaboration of graphics and contemporary arcade makes this game one of the best racing games for ps4. You can start with the standard mode initially and keep going to further modes after playing difficult games. The game is so much fun for groups of friends who used to play in teams.

Team Sonic Racing game


In this best racing games for ps4, 4 players can play from one team. The game is very addictive and if you are clever enough you will definitely win this game. Team Sonic Racing is more popular than Mario in PS4 players.


The game is all about racetracks and speed. Its adventure mode story is annoying but overall the game is best ps4 exclusives if you love to play in teams. займ онлайн

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