12+ Best Online Computer Games to Play In 2021

Gaming is clearly a well-liked form of entertainment which is nowadays becoming more popular in PC and on mobile phone. This online game comes in many variants as; online games for toddlers, online games for kids,  best online computer games for teenagers, online games for adults, etc.

best online computer games

Types of Computer Games Online

Nowadays, computer games are loaded with action and many different categories of games. Here is some information by which you will better understand various computer game genres.

1. Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO)

Image result for massively multiplayer online (mmo)

These online games are played by LAN (local area network) or via the Internet. A network is used by players to interact in the virtual game room. Multiplayer Online games can be played by connecting with players all over the world. By this, player enjoys the most astonishing gaming experience possible.

2. SimulationsImage result for simulations games for pc

Online gaming involving simulations let you take control of real-world vehicles, including tanks, ships, and aircraft. It let you learn and control this vehicle which is useful for train professionals. In reality, many pilots are trained using aircraft simulations to make them learn better.

3. AdventureImage result for adventure games

Online adventure games mostly involve single player games. It can be puzzling to advance levels. Adventure PC online games sets out a mission and the player achieves it.

4. Real-Time Strategy (RTS)

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Online RTS games are real time gaming technique players can play at once and with multiple players at the same time online. RTS games are mostly strategy games.

5. PuzzleImage result for Puzzle

Puzzle Online PC games are for the ones having good mind management capability and the one with analytic skills. These puzzle games also strengthens the mind of an individual. So, these are brain games, which do not involve any action.

6. Action

Online Action games for Computer are adventurous and for the one having excellent reflexes. One need to accept challenges by fighting with enemies, and modify his/her character to his action oriented personality.

7. Stealth Shooter

Stealth Shooter online games are war games or spy-based games, in which player needs to win the game by defeating his enemies.

8. Combat

Combact Online PC games are one on one game between the players. Good reflexes and controlling power is needed while playing Combat online games.

9. First Person Shooters (FPS)

Online FPS games are a new gaming concept that is trendy nowadays. In this you are the protagonist and whole online game is played through your eyes. The only shortcoming of FPS gaming is that you are not able to see how you look in the game, as whole game is played through your eyes.

10. Sports

Online computer sports games connect the player with the real world’s sports games i.e.  Baseball, basketball, soccer, etc. These online games enhance the skills of the player and connect him to the real events of sports.

11. Role-Playing (RPG)

In RPG online games the player get to act as the main character, be the hero, etc and lead the game on his own terms. These RPG online PC games have narrative guides to study them.

12. Educational

Some great educational online games are available which makes your child smart and train in a variety of subjects. Using Online PC games you can make learning fun instead of boring. These online educational games also have multiple choice questions to make a child learn more. These games include subjects of math, science, and ICT, etc.

Some of the Best Online Games for PC

1. PUBGImage result for PUBG

This online computer game is popularly known as PUBG which is biggest and most popular battle royale game.


  • great gameplay elements
  • quite addictive online PC game
  • large scale survival gameplay
  • It’s all about survival

Platforms available On: PC, Xbox One, PS4, Android, iOS

2. FortniteImage result for fortnite

Fortnite is a massive survival co-op online game that you can play on your Computer. Fortnite online game is full of colored characters and includes amazing actions.


  • vast open-world game to play with others
  • PUBG’s survival based gameplay
  • lighthearted survival co-op game

Platforms available On: PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS

3. OverwatchImage result for overwatch

Overwatch computer game is best first-person shooters game available online.


  • flashy gameplay
  • colorful graphics
  • Unique characters with amazing and deep backstory
  • mix of shooters and MOBAs
  • get different abilities and powerful heroics
  • goal is to kill all your enemies and complete your aim

Platforms available On: PC, PS4, Xbox One

4. DoTA 2Image result for dota 2

DoTA 2 is the most popular online PC game which is a sequel to the popular DoTA mod for Warcraft 3.


  • incorporates a deep strategic gameplay
  • complex for beginners
  • offers in-game tutorials and guides
  • battle as team of 5 against another team of 5
  • objective is to destroy the Ancient of enemy team
  • entirely free download

Platforms available On: PC, Mac, Linux

5. CS: GO

Counter-Strike is a first-person shooter game available online on PC which has a massive fan following. It is a multiplayer shooting game in which you join the terrorists or counter-terrorists.


·  Battle of strategy

·  Paid game

·  Free version available on Steam that can be tried

Platforms available On: PC, Mac, Linux, PS3, Xbox 360

6. Rocket LeagueImage result for Rocket League

It is a mixture of racing game and soccer. You can team up with 1 or 2 other players or you can play alongside your friend in a split-screen multiplayer match.


  • highly addictive
  • entertaining online game

Platforms available On: PC, macOS, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

7. Path of ExileImage result for path exile

Path of Exile PC game looks quite similar to Diablo II, but it has better graphics. The gameplay has a vast open-world available for loot.


·  Team up with other players

·   Vast open-world

·   Download is Free

Platforms available On: PC, PS4, Xbox One

8. Minecraft Image result for Minecraft

Minecraft online PC game is the most popular survival game which includes crafting, mining, building, and exploring.

·  Vast open-world

·  Build shelter for yourself

·  About creativity

·  Can build anything

·  Paid online game

 Platforms available On: PC, macOS, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Linux, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, PS Vita, Windows Phone, Fire OS

9. League of LegendsImage result for league of legends

League of Legends is another one of the top MOBAs online computer game which is a direct competitor to DoTA 2.


  • less complex
  • highly played game
  • large esports scene
  • new and unique features to MOBA genre
  • fast-paced MOBA
  • Free to play
  • simple and straightforward gameplay

 Platforms available OnPC, macOS

  1. Terraria

Terraria PC game is a mixture of RPG elements with Minecraft’s unique gameplay features, as it includes survival, crafting, mining, or platformers.


  • retro graphics
  • the main focus on building and crafting part

Platforms available On: PC, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita, Wii U, Windows Phone

Free Best Online Computer Games For Windows 10

Here are some of the games available for free on PC online for Windows 10:

1. Real Pool 3D 


  • Free to download and play
  • A lot of content in free version


  • disproportionately priced
  • Online matchmaking can be shaky
  1. Game Fire


  • Once click resource optimization
  • Includes defragmentation tool


  • Results are not always noticeable

3.  3on3 FreeStyle


  • Multiplayer
  • Online users from across the world


  • Not available for other consoles
  • Only supports 3 players locally




  • Lots of creative freedom
  • Many of the user created worlds to play with
  • Safe for children
  • Parent login to manage your kid’s account


  • Game is fairly glitchy
  • Website is unintuitive
  • Limited features for non-paying members


5. Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas


  • Multiplayer mod for GTA San Andreas
  • Many plugins and online documentation
  • Map editor to modify the landscape
  • Does not change the game’s original files


  • There are no pedestrians or traffic

Buy Online Computer Games For Windows

Here is some of the Computer games buy online for Windows:

1. Grand Theft Auto V


  • Amazing visuals
  • Great gameplay
  • Play with friends online
  • Multiple controller support


  • Requires 65 GB disk space

2.    Need for Speed


  • Arcade perfect driving
  • Great customizable vehicles
  • Graphically impeccable
  • It’s fun and spectacle never get old


  • Little new
  • You always have to be online

3.  Battlefield 4


  • Great multiplayer
  • Graphics (on high-end PCs)
  • Thousands of hours of gameplay in multiplayer


  • Short single player campaign
  • Only a few new improvements

4.  Plants vs. Zombies


  • Fun and original game
  • Amusing graphics
  • Many different plant weapons and zombie types
  • Different modes


  • First levels a bit too easy
  • Start of each level is slow
  • Music can be annoying

5.  Blacklight: Retribution


  • Looks great
  • HRV and Hardsuit mix up the action
  • Fast paced and fun


  • Style lacks originality

Download online computer typing games for windows

Some of the computers typing games available for free online are:

1.  TypingMaster Typing Test


  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Helpful typing exercises
  • Tests speed and accuracy
  • Features fun typing games


  • Pages take time to load
  • Lessons can be time consuming
  • Limited languages available

2.  Rapid Typing Tutor


  • Ability to turn sound on or off
  • Animated typing screen
  • Offers a variety of different lessons


  • Program sometimes sticks or freezes

3. Typing Trainer


  • Includes tips
  • Has games
  • Enjoyable lessons
  • Has a typing test


  • Childish graphics
  • Real-life images that don’t blend with the interface
  • Repetitive exercises
  • Exercises take too long

4.  Sonma Typing-Expert


  • Effective
  • Printable statistics


  • Hindi/English only
  • Some glitches

5.  Tux Typing


  • Lots of different levels and challenges
  • Cute cartoon style effects and backdrops
  • Will definitely improve kids typing skills
  • Supports a huge number of languages


  • Only works in full screen mode
  • Word editor doesn’t work yet


How to Download Online PC Games

Games for PC online can be downloaded in 3 different ways:

  1. By using Internet
  2. By using torrent
  3. By Xbox
  • By using Internet

  • Find the online game you want with the help of an internet.
  • Finding the publisher directly as it is the safest way to download a file.
  • Compare the required and recommended specifications of the online game to your PC by using Control panel.
  • Click the “download game” link and follow the instructions as mentioned.
  • Next is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Choose to save your file with an extension of “.exe.”
  • Some games have serial codes which you need to enter while installing.
  • Install and play.


  • By using torrent

  • Firstly you need to download a torrent client which is a program used to download a torrent file.
  • Then, Find torrents of the game you need.
  • Check the number of “seeders” to make sure that the file is safe.
  • You can download the game through a magnet link
  • Click on the ReadMe or Install .txt file where the downloaded file is.
  • Downloading will be finished.
  • Launch the game by double-clicking it on the desktop or right-clicking on the desktop icon available of the online game.


  • By Xbox

  • Not all PC’s can play every game
  • Check your game’s recommended cards
  • Open the “Control Panel.”
  • Click “Displays” then “Change Display Settings
  • Click on “Advanced Settings”
  • You can see the name of your video card in “Advanced Settings” to see your DirectX level
  • Check processor and the amount of RAM of your PC.
  • Check hard drive space by clicking on your C-Drive.
  • Now, you can use any hard drive to download a game

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