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BetRivers is a PlayStation Vita online casino designed specifically for the handheld device. The player downloads the BetRivers app to their PS Vita (just like any other app) and can connect with other PS Vita owners around the world for live cash and offers that they can all share.

The Games

The games are all free to play and the service boasts up to 50 games on tap including a selection of the most popular games from the PlayMyGame platform and exclusive games from publisher’s both here in the UK and abroad.

Since the release of the Vita (it is scheduled for November 2012), the platform has been backed up by a number of exclusive deals from well-known games publishers.

The Games available are a selection of table games, straightjackets and even an exclusive multi-playgames slot.

We have a great range of Casino Games available. From Traditional Blackjack, to Spades and Roulette. Casino games have long been a cornerstone of gaming. Everyone likes to play a game that they are familiar with or they don’t play.

The Apps

The App version of the service is exactly the same as the website. Download the app to your PS Vita (or buy a PS Vita if you already have one) and go to www.betrivers.net. It will be free to download and start playing!

The Verdict

Despite the bad press that is sometimes given to online gambling on the PlayStation Vita, it is an excellent platform for gaming. The games available are mostly high quality, varied and intuitive.


  • It has a large game selection
  • It has an excellent game selection for live cash games
  • Good selection of poker and casino games
  • Extensive cash game offerings
  • Good at live casino and slots
  • Excellent community


  • Unspecified monthly fee
  • No dedicated live casino games
  • No dedicated live poker games
  • Not many live game sponsors
  • No live sports
  • Our Take

BetRivers is definitely one of the most solid gaming platforms we have encountered on the PS Vita. It has a large selection of games, some of which are pretty exclusive. The community is pretty active too. The monthly subscription fee may seem a little on the high side at £8.33 a month, but in reality it is one of the cheapest on the Vita.

The obvious thing to say is that we are looking forward to playing some of the new online casinos from the likes of Tomy Games, NetEnt and, most especially, BetRivers. Hopefully, we will be able to try some of their games out when the service goes live, and we will keep you informed of any news we hear of.

As always, feel free to send us any information you may have regarding online gambling sites and the PS Vita. We will try to keep you informed of any such news and you can contact us through the

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