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The modern-day business demands to be established over the web successfully. This increases the importance of building a website for your business. Web hosting has a major role to play in effectively bringing your business website available to all Internet users. Thus, you can infer every other business seeks a hosting provider. If you are a newbie and willing enough to make money from a web hosting business, Linux reseller web hosting business is the best option you can have. In this guide, you will be taken through detailed insights into how you can begin this web business and generate revenue. However, let us first comprehend the meaning of Linux reseller hosting.

What is Linux Reseller Hosting?

The reseller hosting business enables you to obtain the disk space and bandwidth from the hosting provider. And, then you get the permission to rent them to your own customers. In other words, you can resell the services of a parent web hosting company to the customers. But, for customers, you act as a hosting provider to them. You are not needed to set up your own data center. You can resell the hosting packages either as they are or customize them accordingly to your customers. Thus, you make profits under your own white-label name without making the end-customers realize the real source.

You can purchase any reseller hosting package from the parent hosting company. However, the operating system running at the server’s core makes a huge difference. The hosting server plan having Linux operating server functioning at its core is termed as Linux Reseller hosting. Let us find out in the next section how Linux reseller hosting can benefit your web business the most.

Benefits of Linux Reseller Hosting

Here are a few of the vital advantages mentioned that are attained from Linux reseller hosting plans.

1.    High-Level of Security

Linux is an open-source platform, and thus, offers more security than other operating systems. You can ensure your customers a high level of security features. Moreover, you obtain the standard DDoS Protection that protects your site against any unauthorized access or incompetent assaults.

2.    Cost-effective

The Linux operating system is free for its users. Thus, the overall cost of the Linux reseller hosting plan gets reduced. Thus, you can get the plan from your parent host company at a low price. And further, you can make the hosting packages available to your customers at affordable rates.

3.    Long-Term Profit

You acquire financial stability through the Linux reseller hosting business. That is because it becomes possible for you to turn short-term clients into customers by selling hosting services. This brings the enhancement in the lifetime value of your end customers. And further, let you earn a steady income over the long-term period.

Moreover, if you work as a web developer, you can incorporate a web hosting service into your package. This will create a one-stop solution for your customers. And, thus, they will not have to go anywhere else as they will be getting everything from your service.

4.    High Customization

The Linux reseller hosting packages enable you to customize them. It offers cPanel for performing customization with utmost ease. You will also become capable of setting up the server easily. Moreover, Linux comes with a broad range of features. You can make use of them for better performance of your site and hosting service.

5.    High Compatibility

With Linux reseller hosting, you can run different applications and provide support to various programming. Moreover, you can almost operate any applications and software on the server. And your server will ensure the easy and fast functioning of those applications and software. Also, you get the privileges to update web resources as and when needed by your site and clients.

Things to consider before starting your own Web Hosting Business

Before you start your reseller hosting business, here are mentioned some crucial points that you are required to consider –

1.    Examining your target audience

It is crucial to understand which audience you can target. Analyze if you have enough contacts who can become your potential customers. Or do you need to attract the new sector audience. In general, you must include the web developers and web designers in your target audience.

2.    Finding the reliable parent web hosting company

You must not miss on finding the leading and trustworthy hosting provider. That is because the quality of service will be determined by the parent hosting company. You must investigate whether the hosting company you are seeking renders the standard and needed hosting facilities or not.

3.    Opting for the right hosting package for your customers

Based on your target audience, you must pick the right Linux reseller hosting package from the parent hosting provider. Otherwise, it will not be easy for you to customize the hosting plans based on your customers’ demands.

4.    Managing your own growth

Develop and grow your business as per the number of clients. You must be able to upgrade or downgrade your reseller hosting Linux plan based on your web business development and profit.

Steps to establishing a Linux Reseller Hosting business

Step 1: Buy reseller hosting packages

Once you find out the required Linux reseller hosting package with the right web hosting company, purchase it. Try to acquire the service level agreement for the bought package from your hosting provider.

Step 2: Customize your own hosting packages

Break and customize your hosting package according to the needs of your potential customers. Do not forget to incorporate the standard services with each web hosting plan.

Step 3: Ensure security and reliability in your packages

It is more than important to guarantee high-level security to your customers with the hosting plans. You must include the security-as-a-service with each customized hosting plan.

Step 4: Ensure the availability of technical support for your customers

Although you must be acquiring technical support from your parent company, you must develop technical assistance at your side. This enables you to ensure the customers round-the-clock and 100% guarantee of the technical support.

Step 5: Choose a smart Payment Processing Solution

You must seek an intelligent and reliable payment processing solution for your web business. Figure out the charges and characteristics of a bank merchant account. Also, check the better internet-based options for payment processing. Moreover, verify if the payment service provides support for recurring billing of clients that subscribe monthly. And, whether it can process credit cards of different brands or not.

Step 6: Strategically market your business

Once you are done creating your web hosting plans, you need to market them efficiently. You may hire a marketing team that can promote your web hosting plan under your business brand at a greater level. This will make it easier for you to draw clients towards your web business.

Things a Linux Reseller Package include

Commonly, your hosting provider must incorporate the following things in your Linux reseller hosting package-

  • Bandwidth and disk space
  • Unlimited domain hosting service
  • White label branding of the company
  • cPanel and WHM for Linux reseller hosting
  • Website migration and domain hosting
  • Payment Gateway
  • 24/7 technical assistance from the parent web hosting company
  • Domain reseller
  • Additional hosting features for clients, for example, email, cPanel, security tools, etc.

Let us introduce you to a reliable web hosting company that can render you the above-mentioned things with many other privileges – Wise Solution. The Wise Solution is popular for providing excellent and cheap Linux reseller hosting plans. Jump to the subsequent section to grab a little more details about the company and its hosting facilities.

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Choosing the best Linux Reseller Hosting Provider in India

Wise Solution is a renowned and stand-alone web hosting company in India. It is known for its leading reseller hosting services. The company offers a broad array of the best Linux reseller hosting plans and packages. As discussed in the preceding section, it offers all the fundamental services and resources to its clients. Moreover, you can find the following additional benefits with the company’s reseller hosting –

  • Comprehensive control over the required web resources
  • Fully managed hosting service
  • A reliable and flexible billing software WHMCS that will offer a very quick and protected transaction process
  • High-security measures including, data encryption, SSL certificate, and DDoS protection
  • 24/7 Instant technical and customer support
  • 100% Website uptime assurance
  • Unlimited websites hosting
  • 100% White-labeled system
  • 100% Solid State Drive storage
  • Free website builder and many more.


To conclude, one can say that Linux reseller hosting is one of the most profitable and low-maintenance web businesses. Anyone with a basic knowledge of the web industry can opt for the reseller hosting business and earn profit. In case you have any queries related to the reseller web hosting business, you can connect with Wise Solution experts. They are available 24/7 via Email, WhatsApp, Skype, Live Chat, Phone. Moreover, you can also browse Wise Solution website to gain more knowledge about the company and its reseller hosting services –




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