What Type of F Plugs You can Use in TV Aerial Installations

Well as we know the TV aerial satellites are getting famous around the world, especially in the region of UK and USA. People are moving towards the tv aerial setup and giving up on their traditional tv channels set up like cable network and dish satellite. So for the installation of the tv aerials we should know which tools are suitable for the tv aerial installation, and you will learn more in this article especially about the F plugs which are usually used for the tv aerial, dish satellite and CCTV connections. Let’s talk about the types of the F plugs.

Crimps F Plugs

F crimp connectors are the next step compared to threaded connectors. A crimp on the F plug has  the internal ring on the inside that fits between the PVC jacket and the cable’s earth shield / braid. This offers superior shielding performance to a screw in the F connector that ends only outside the cable sheath. Once in place, the plug is crimped into place with a specialized crimping tool. Although technically they are better than screw caps, I don’t often use them for home installations as the crimp on the F connections cannot be reused, once crimped they cannot be reused so it is important to Cut the coax cable to the correct length to start with, as you may end up wasting a load of thorns. According to mikeharrisaerialandsatellite.co.uk is the best type of F plugs

Waterproof Plugs

There is a range of water resistive F compression connectors which are perfect for external terminations such as the LNB satellite dish. These have an internal rubber O-ring that acts as a gasket. The plugs I recommend for this purpose are Cabelcon Compression F connectors which are IPX8 rated, which means the plug can be submerged in water more than 1 meter deep. Personally, when I used this, which I normally only do on community satellite dish installations, I would also smear some silicone grease on the outside of the plug to keep this part of the plug free from corrosion and / or use self-amalgamating tape on any external F if joins.

Compression Plugs

F compression clogs are the best of all types of F clogs. There are many brands and models on the market, some better than others. A compression plug requires a specialized tool to terminate the F plug, which can be quite expensive to purchase, this is especially true with tools that allow you to terminate thicker diameter coaxial cables such as 1, center conductor coaxial cable. 25 mm or 1.65 mm.

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