Top 7 Cities Offering High Paying Jobs For Data Analysts

The role of a data analyst is to make sense of seemingly unrelated data for the benefits of the employer. For a full-proof analysis, more than the data generated in-house is needed. In the case of a business, a data analyst can suggest if starting the business in the given place and time is wise. The interpretations of a good data analyst will most likely be lucid and explainable by lay man’s terms. But the content must pack a punch, able to bring new changes. 

This article will shed light on the cities most welcoming towards a data analyst located all over the world. The cities in the discussion do not only provide the highest salaries to the data analysts, they are also considered hotspots for big data generation.

San Jose, California

California because of its widespread development in terms of technology is known as the silicon valley! San Jose hosts HQs of all the major American tech companies. The climate, location and infrastructure of the city are very much suitable and tuned for the development of new tech. A data analyst can earn over 121,000 dollars every year, working in san Jose.

Bengaluru (Bangalore), India

India is the IT capital of the world. Nonetheless, Awareness regarding the role of data analyst still remains within a limited reach. The city of Bangalore is the Indian counterpart of San Jose, earning the title of silicon valley of India. All the major Indian tech brands including startups prefer this city for its climatic and financial benedictions. Not just support and promotion on behalf of the government, the climate of the city and its surroundings make it ideal for the proliferation of new ideas. Giants like, Infosys and Wipro preferred to locate their headquarters in this city, followed by companies of all sizes and activities. Parallel to the IT industry, this city hosts the budding biotech industry of the country. Bangalore, is placed at the frontlines of Indian innovation and a data analyst can earn, on an average 985,000 rupees every year working here. A data scientist can also find a teacher’s job in a data analytics institute in Bangalore

Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva Is the most expensive city to live in in the list. But thankfully a data scientist is of very high value in Switzerland. Hence, making a good living is possible in Geneva through a job as a data analyst. A data scientist in geneva can make up to 220,000 in Swiss francs. Making it one of the highest paying cities for a data scientist.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is ranked second in terms of high paying jobs in data science and analysis. Being the capital of a very liberal country, Amsterdam is home to an innovative tech enthusiast community. IT Startups are crowding the financial landscape of the city. The city is very open towards foreigners as well. If the desired quality of work is delivered a data science personnel can make a fine living working in Amsterdam. 

London, United Kingdom

The capital of Uk is one of the most important cities on a tech enthusiast’s map. Applied data science and machine learning are taking over some major aspects of the city. The supporting factor is the administration. The city is leaning more and more towards data analytics for better efficiency. Alongside hosting HQs of global conglomerates the city remains open about the implementation of data science in public services. Apart from being valuable in the industries, data science can also thrive in public service while working in London.

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Gurgaon (or Gurugram)

Gurgaon is the most formidable competitor for the title of best in the country. The city is tech-friendly and a higher literacy rate is present. Due to its affordability tech brands are choosing the city as a base in the Indian subcontinent. The city is famous for its growing tech enthusiast communities. Close proximity from the capital has also added to the city’s value as a tech hub. A data scientist Can annually earn anywhere from 500,000 from 1000,000 rupees working from Gurgaon. 


Mumbai is the second most important city in India, if not the most important one. Mumbai houses headquarters of Institutions like Reliance and SBI. The city’s growth rate is through the roof and ventures are leaning more towards big data and data analytics. The financial capital of India also houses big tech giants and presents a work-friendly environment. Mumbai is expensive, but if you are a data analyst it is within your financial grasp.

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