What Is Error 3835? How To Fix?

In our guide, we are going to explain how to fix: error 3835 on smores. tv and engageme.tv. The error is occurring on the two most famous video streaming sites, and many people are earning by posting entertaining videos

Error 3835 on Smores.tv and Engageme.tv

We suggest that you do not worry about this error and you start enjoying the moments you earn. Even though you are going to deal with this error for a moment, you can still have fun. If you don’t know, the error is called “234810” by Apple. The Error 234810 on Smores.tv The error is called the error 234810. It is showing the error and the message that says: “There was a problem with posting your video to the web.” If you need to fix the error, you need to create a user account, you need to make some changes on your Facebook account, and you also need to know a thing or two about how to get around that particular problem. Some people say that you can fix this error by sending an email to the official error email address.

How to fix

Download the browser add-on “Spotify OneClick” from the links given at the end of this article Open up the spotify website Find and open the spotify video section, under the “video recommendations” section And hit the edit button Step 2: Edit: What You Want To Adjust 1. The format of the video. Most videos play in 5 sec. 1. When you post a video you want people to see, make sure it is a 1 minute, 59 seconds video. This way, you will have something longer to upload to another video platform like Vimeo or Dailymotion. 2. The description. 3. The thumbnail. 4. The star ratings. 5. And the description. After you have fixed these 5 things, make sure to click “check for updates” and that will take you to your video’s profile. The “new page” will have the same 5 things you just did.

Solution 1 – Disable The VPN Site And Proxy Settings

One of the most common causes of this error is using VPN and proxy sites. You have to disable the VPN by the following steps:

  1. Firstly, you have to press the Esc, shift, and ctrl and then open the task manager.
  2. Now you have to click on the processes section and select the possible entries which are linking with your VPN.
  3. You have to end the processing and then end the tasks as well. Close the sites which you were using with the VPN.

For disabling the proxy, follow these steps:

  1. You have to open the window of the run and then open the control panel. You have to search for the network and other internet connections.
  2. Check for the internet options in that section.
  3. Now go to the connections and press on the LAN settings. You have to change the LAN settings for disabling the proxy.
  4. Now go on the proxy server of LAN and then de-select it. You have to click on the OK button and disable the servers of all the proxy settings.
  5. After altering the settings, you can check if the error of 3835 is occurring or not.


Engageme.tv and smores.tv seem to be working again now, but you can still check for any error messages which may appear if you are still using these two video streaming sites. To check if the video streaming sites are still broken, click on the error message and click on the link provided next to it, depending on the error message, the link will lead you to the required website or resources for fixing the issue.


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