Top 5 Green Solar Technologies in 2021

Everybody knows that solar panels can significantly reduce their energy bill, but did you know that green solar technologies have evolved substantially in recent years?

Solar technology harnesses light or heat from the sun to power homes and businesses, and there are many different types available.

Find out our top 5 green solar technologies below to see which option is best for you.

  1. Solar Noise Barriers

Solar panels are being used not just as energy sources, but also as noise barriers. 

This is a more sustainable way of reducing noise pollution as it generates energy at the same time and saves resources. This innovation is becoming increasingly popular, and will likely see further investment in the future.

  1. Integrated Solar Panels

Many people are put off solar panels because they see them as an eyesore. The new building technology makes it possible to have custom-built panels that match the architecture and design of the building, and best of all, the maintenance of the solar panels is much easier than before. 

This is known as solar architecture, and typically uses thin photovoltaic panels to reduce the carbon footprint of new buildings and encourage sustainable living.

  1. Floating Solar Panels

Also known as floating photovoltaic or photovoltaics, these are solar panels that float on top of a body of water such as lakes and reservoirs. The biggest advantage of these is that they do not take up any additional land space – they take advantage of land that would otherwise not be used.

These have benefits for both the solar panels and the water. The water helps to cool the panels and prevent them from overheating, and the panels act as a shade to the water which helps to reduce evaporation and prevent algae.

  1. Solar Fabric

Solar fabric is a new innovation in the world of green solar technologies. Thin, flexible solar cells can be embedded in clothing to provide enough power to charge your devices. Scientists are currently working on many potential applications for this.

This can potentially be used for things like tents to generate energy while camping, and car seat fabric that can act as a power source for your car.

  1. Portable Solar Panels

Portable solar panels aren’t new, however, they are quickly becoming more powerful and popular.

These sustainable living innovations are helping more people to live off-grid as they can be used to power RVs and generators. It’s also possible to get solar power banks for small electronics like phones and laptops.

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Are Green Solar Technologies Worth It?

Green Solar Technologies are becoming more widely adopted and mainstream, and solar energy has quickly become one of the cheapest methods of power generation in the world.  

There are other types of renewable green technology that are great sustainable living examples, but the recent innovations in solar are undeniable and worth knowing about. 

If you’re interested in more lifestyle tips, you can find related content on our blog. 


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