How Much Should You Be Spending on Mobile App Development

You have a new business idea and you’re all set to get an app for your business but there’s a catch, you don’t know how much you’re ready to spend on the same, right?

Well! Nobody wants to get scammed and pay more than they need to especially when starting a new venture. Which sometimes leads to owners taking desperate measures for cost-cutting and end up losing even more.

So, if you get a call from “Tech Support Roger” with an Indian accent from a reputed mobile app development company claiming to develop an app for you. Especially if they are charging very little or no fee at all and he only needs your credit card information, decline the offer because it is too good to be true.

There’s only one right way to budgeting for your mobile app development and it goes like this.

Assess Your Requirements and Setting Your Budget Right

The first and foremost thing is to assess your requirements. Ask yourself what kind of an app do you want? What features should it have or what should be the design overview?

The reason for doing so is that you do not want to get sold onto someone else’s vision that does not cater to your business requirements.

The developer or the product manager handling your app design can suggest features that would make you stand out but the real question is ‘would it help out your target audience or are they ready for it?

If the answer is a big fat No! Of ‘Maybe’ then you might have to drop those lucrative features and stick to the basics, which will, in turn, help you cut back on the cost of production.

Considering Additional Charges Before Investing

You won’t be able to get your mobile app up and running in case of any malfunction and that’s where ‘Maintenance Charges’ reels in. Your developer would charge a specific amount for the ongoing service and troubleshooting of your app.


The amount and service included differs from developer to developer. Sometimes you might get it for cheap but it’s not always the case. So, checking out maintenance plans and getting a good one should be on your list of priorities when going for mobile app development.

Cheaper Products Will Only Cost You More Money

If you can get a State of The Art app from a rookie developer who is ready to take 1/5th of the standard price, then it’s a golden deal but also an imaginative one.

While we have always been taught to go for ‘Cheap and Best’ living in a country like India, it should not be the approach while going for the product that is going to be the backbone of your business.

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So, clear about the ‘right pricing structure’ for your mobile app by now? If not then drop your questions in the comments.

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