Things to understand about Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam

PMP is regarded as one of the most reputed certifications which are held by the project managers with pride. The Project management professional (or also widely popular by the initials of the same as PMP) certification is a worldwide advanced as well as recognized certification which is acknowledged as well as respected by the Project Management Institute (or also highly popular by the acronym PMI). Companies as well as many organizations all around the world are searching for talented project managers to donate to the success of their well-established set-up.

In order to get to the highest tier or climb up the ladder by becoming a PMP certified expert or professional, you need to have a few things in mind which are described below which will help you in achieving the same.

1. Get well acquainted with the PMP handbook: The PMP material book is manufactured by the Project Management Institute (also known as the PMI in a wider sector and field). The PMP material book from PMI has an outlook of the PMP certification channel. One can easily identify the certification method easily by taking the help of PMP handbook. The PMP published material book by PMI is available online at absolutely no cost or freeThe PMP material book consists of details about:

  • The PMP eligibility needs as well as facilities
  • Guide to conclude the whole online application
  • PMP details of examination
  • PMP fees in association with certification
  • PMI methods of audit
  • PMP exam rules as well as regulations
  • PMP certification rules as well as regulations

2. Fulfil all the demands of the exam as per the requirements listed down by the PMP executives: You have to satisfy all the needs in order to clear the PMP examination.

To stand eligible for PMP exam, you need to complete the education, project work experience and project management study sector.

  • Secondary certification or degree (basically aiming at the high institutional diploma, degree of the associate as well as or any similar global equivalent)
  • Nearly 7,500 hours of managing, evaluating as well as monitoring projects
  • Around 30 to 35 hours of well efficient management education about projects

3. Avail of PMP course training in order to earn higher contact hours: Nearly 35 hours of project management course training technique is needed to satisfy the eligibility category to take up a reputed certification exam in certain project management sectors. The PMP individuals should make sure that the course consists of the following project management idea sectors:

  • Project Type
  • Project Outcome
  • Project Time period
  • Project Analysis

4. Get to know well about the membership related to the PMP: Though it is not a must field to take PMI membership in association with the PMP certification course in San Antonio TX it is however needed for some amount deduction or discount on exam fee, opportunity to take part in local PMI subject, free grant to PMBOK guide etc.

5. Create an account with PMI so as to fill the Application:

  • Go to the official website and click on “Login or Register” at the top-right corner to create an account.
  • Wait for the attached mail from PMI, in order to confirm your registration and then login to view your account.
  • Fill the form according to the rules as well as procedures given in PMP handbook

6. Memorize the PMBOK Guide ( 6th Edition ): The PMBOK Guide should be your first and foremost principal guide. So answer as well as master it. It is the best source but not the one and only source. You can think of this as the PMBOK Guide as a basic first hand reference.

7. Make various types of notes as well as get hold of study materials: As stated before PMBOK notice is only the main source. It is not the only lookout, so try to get various materials that you can gain idea of with regard to certain project management.

  1. Appear the various simulators of the PMP Exam : Practice simulators are mock test papers to enhance the extent of your preparation.
  2. Appear for the exam: Now, that all is achieved, it is time to collect all ideas and appear for the exam on the assigned date as well as time for your PMP certification exam.

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