How to Quickly get MUT Coins through Players Trading Markets 2021?

The transfer market of Madden 21 Ultimate Tam is where your players and club items are bought and sold. Since the web application and companion application release, the market has been rolling, and prices have now fallen. EZMUT will show you how you can still earn a lot of MUT Coins in Madden 21.

It would help if you kept this in mind: The commonality of all trading methods is that they cannot bring guaranteed profits. It would help if you always kept this in mind: players who look promising can be quickly returned to use. In Madden 21, it can be observed that even the top cards have a significant decline in their value.

Many prices on the market are related to events such as Black Friday or TOTY and special LTD. For example, in FIFA, the cards used for Icon SBC have become more expensive, but this is no longer the case this year because Icon Swaps replaced Icon SBC.

Market volatility: Therefore, please do not spend all your funds on one card. Besides, prices on different platforms sometimes vary. On PS4, a method can work better or worse than on PC and Xbox One, and vice versa.

Consider EA fees: Transfers in Ultimate Team are not tax-free. 5% of the price is deducted from each card sold on the transfer market. Therefore, if you sell a 1K coins card, there will only be 950 coins in the account. That can constitute a prominent part, especially in the case of high prices.


Is the way to trade with TOTW

Trading skills on TOTW: An effective method of trading with the weekly team. This method is based on the player’s actual performance.

The TOTW card can always be packaged and used for one week and then replaced by the team next week. These cards are usually costly, especially at the time of issuance, but the price may drop within a week.

Later, when new TOTWs appear, they usually rise again and can be sold for profit. However, the most important thing is that if a TOTW card is provided in the package, the player’s standard card will disappear from the package. You can take advantage of it.


Use gold cards for TOTW transactions: This method is based on speculation to a certain extent, so it is not considered the safest. But it has proven its worth, especially in the first few weeks of Madden. For example, if you get exceptional performance from a player on the weekend and it is worth getting a TOTW card, it is usually worth buying directly. Suppose an attacker in the Bundesliga scores three goals in a game. Then he is likely to get a TOTW card. Now get the player’s gold card. Once TOTW is available, it will disappear from the packaging.

This also makes it rarer in the market, and the price is rising. If you find the player at your convenience, you can make a lot of MUT 21 Coins here. Absolute trading experts will buy players with the first goal, even before others don’t know that the TOTW card is about to be announced.

If you don’t have time to pay such detailed attention to the player’s performance, TOTW’s predictions can help you.

Another tip: TOTW defenders are harder to predict but are generally cheaper and, therefore, less risky.

Your risk is so high: the risk should be assessed as medium. If you buy the player at a low price, then if they don’t have a TOTW card, you can also sell them again at the average price. Then, you only have to face a minor loss. But please be careful not to buy goods that are overpriced-for example, because other traders have already recognized this value. If the problem cannot be solved, then you may suffer a more significant loss.

Sell cheap players with added value.

This is what sniping is all about: sniping can only deal with real football to a certain extent. The point here is to shoot players at the lowest possible price and then sell them for a profit.

This is the primary trading principle: get players at the lowest possible price and then sell them at the highest possible price. This also applies if you do not have any prior knowledge or research time.

Sniper trading skills: First, select the player to be traded. This applies to every price range, from players with 1K coins to expensive kickers. Now, ideally, you will watch the cheapest day with the player.

Set the sniper filter: This is the crux of the sniper. When the player is the cheapest, you set up a search filter, in which the buy is bought, and the buy price is lower than the market value. The lower the price set, the less likely it is to find a player.


However, once the card is found, it is time to play. To maximize your success, you should follow these steps:

Set the filter and press search.

Click the message that appears to disappear.

If you don’t have a card, do the following: Use the shoulder button to increase the maximum (bid) price. This is how you update the market price. Without this step, the method will not work. You will immediately purchase the price unchanged. Then continue to search.

You repeat these steps until the card appears. If it is not available at all, please try again at another time of the day (for example, more tickets are on sale in the market at night. Alternatively, you can increase the instant price a bit-but not too high!

How reliable is this method? Many traders use tailoring so that you will have a lot of competition. The card may be taken from under your nose-especially if you are still inexperienced so that the speed will be a little slower. However, with a bit of practice, you will gain a lot of speed, so almost no one can beat you.

Sometimes you can sell lucrative cheap lens players. The main risk is that you will get nothing, so it takes a lot of time.

Can I be banned? In the past, some players reported that they received a temporary market ban during sniping. The game may think you are a robot. But we have not experienced it personally.


Bulk sales-for patient traders

Another way of trading: If you don’t necessarily want tremendous success, you can set the real-time price more realistically. Then, you can buy as many of the same player cards at a low cost, which may not be as low as during a sniper.


Of course, you will reinvest these products into the transfer market at a higher price. Please note that you must include a 5% fee. For example, you can provide a card with 1K coins for 1,300 and hope that several of your cards will disappear at this price.


You won’t make a big jump, it will take longer, but many players don’t care about 200 to 300 coins at all. If you keep updating the map, they may disappear at some point. The more players you get in the market for the same price, the more likely someone will catch it.


Trading skills for batch bidding

Bidding instead of tailoring: When using bulk bidding, you can use methods similar to tailoring. First, you must find out the cheapest time for the player of your choice. That is when you strike.


This is how it works: Try to use the bid price instead of the instant price to find very cheap players. Now you are bidding for as many copies of cheap players as possible with the goal of selling them later for a profit. Only by providing enough Madden 21 Coins can real gains be realized.


How long will it take: You can assume that you will not fully grasp all the commandments. However, if you bid for a large number of players, after an hour, your club is likely to reach some cheap deals. Then you can get rid of them by market value. Higher sales prices can also work-but here you have to expect to take longer to buy tickets for the man.


Repair work can bring coins.

The benefits of the failure: EA usually takes the server offline within a season to perform maintenance work. If you know when it will happen, you can take advantage of them.


The market continues to operate. If you submit a bid shortly before maintenance work, no one may offer a new bid for your transfer destination during the downtime. Whether other players also choose this variant is a gamble-for example, if you use “bulk bidding,” you can bargain.

Trading is not a panacea: First of all, Madden nfl should be fun, so when making all transactions, don’t forget that, most importantly, you need a team that likes to play with them.

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