Things to Prepare When Doing Laundry During Travels

Even when one is out to travel, unwind, and have some relaxation, there is still one chore that remains consistently a part of one’s daily routine: laundry. As they describe it, laundry is a never-ending chore. Even when you’re away from home, laundry still will pile up.

When traveling, dirty clothes seem to add that “unwanted weight.” Dirty clothes tend to strip away the fun of traveling because who would want to bring along stinky clothes during trips, right?

Doing laundry during a trip may seem tiring and uninteresting, but it comes along with some advantages. One of the advantages is that one can pack less when traveling and just re-wear everything once it’s laundered and clean. Another is that one can go home with less laundry to do.

But what does one need to prepare to make laundry easier during travels?

1.   Pack clothes that are travel-friendly.

Pack lightweight clothes can be mixed and matched easily, and most importantly, easy to be washed. Doing laundry during a trip is both time and energy-consuming, but it is bearable when the clothes to be cleaned are lightweight since it would not demand more effort, especially if one opts to do washing laundry by hand. In addition, light clothes are easier to dry, thus preventing problems like wearing still damp clothes.

2.   Book accommodations

One can also book accommodations that have inclusions of self-laundry options or have laundry facilities available at hand. There are many apartments or Airbnb nowadays that come with washing machines and dryers in the accommodations they are offering.

Self-laundry options are usually available in hostels. They sometimes charge with the machine usage, but mainly they offer the services free. All one needs to bring in one’s detergent and other products, or one can buy the said products there.

3.   Find a laundromat near you

 A nearby laundromat might be available where one is staying for the trip. Laundromats offer self-laundry options with minimal professional assistance. Laundromats have different types of machines installed. They usually have coin-operated devices used in self-laundry options, so it is better to bring cash when dropping off laundry there. Some laundromats offer other services where an on-site staff would be the one to wash, dry, and fold one’s load. Other laundromats assist staff but mostly are self-service.

Although laundromats are common nowadays, it is better to research if there are any laundromats near you before traveling to be sure.

4.   Local laundry service

In the absence of laundromats, one can ask for help from locals to find their trusted laundry service in the area. In this kind of service, one can just drop off one’s laundry, someone launders it, and when the clothes are ready, one would have the option to either pick it up from the laundry service or have it delivered to where one is staying.

These are the few things one needs to tend to before traveling. Either of these options is feasible and would only differ in the convenience offered. But what is essential is that stinky, dirty clothes are well-taken care of and would not interfere with the relaxation and leisure of travel.

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