Should you purchase jewellery online in the UK in 2021?

Rising trend of online jewellery shopping

The pandemic has made everyone sit at home due to lockdowns. Most of the shopping is now done online, from the comfort of your home. People are getting used to this one-click process of buying things. Online shopping now is not just related to essentials, but has also moved on to other areas of the market, even as precious as jewellery.

Jewellery shopping online has made people happy as they can take their own sweet time now to check out the stock, shortlist, think over it, compare and then move on to buying, all of this, right from their living room. With changing times then, we are left wondering is it really a good idea to invest in something expensive simply over a computer screen?  People in the UK also have been wondering the same. Hatton Garden market is one of biggest jewellery hubs in the world, so with that and other similar areas closed, UK citizens are left wondering whether they should move to online shopping for jewellery now. Those planning weddings and engagement ceremonies are looking out for Lab grown diamond engagement rings. So let us answer their doubts.We will weigh the pros and cons first.


  • 24/7 availability
  • Unlimited stock options
  • Instant comparison from different sites
  • Exact search for the desired item possible


  • Jewellery might be defective/fake
  • Delivery may take time post payment
  • Fraudulent websites

Here’s our verdict on the same.

Yes or No?

We say yes. Online jewellery shopping just like any other shopping comes with its share of pros and cons. But that shouldn’t deter you from going for it. Being cautious is of utmost importance here. Since jewellery shopping is expensive, you need to make sure that you get all your facts right before you invest in such a big amount. There are many fraudulent sites as well, so watch out for those. The key is to take the right precautions in order to avoid any loss. Here’s how.

Things to check before buying jewellery online

  • Official websites – Opt for official websites of big brands. Ones that you know well and have outlets around you. Do not buy from social media platforms or individual sellers without optimum verification.
  • Website transparency – Go through the interface of the website. How transparent are its details? Is the contact information given? Is the address given? Call on their number to verify. There should be a page mentioning ‘about us’ that explains how the company began, and how it conducts its business. Genuine brands always have social media pages, so check those out as well.
  • Return policy – Legitimate websites always have a clear return or exchange policy in case the customers do not like the received items, or the pieces are found defective or there is a size issue.
  • Payment security – Check for the security on their payment page. There are apps or software available for the same.
  • Read specifications – Last but now the least, do not simply be distracted by sparkly pictures. Read the product specifications in order to obtain complete information about the jewellery, carat, cuts, hallmark stamping, etc.

In conclusion, we do agree that after all you can never be too sure of anything. But following these precautions for buying jewellery or even just Lab grown diamonds UK can help you have a safe online shopping experience.

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