The best Nintendo Switch game

The switch has already sold nearly both the Xbox 360 as well as the PlayStation 3.

This is on the path towards becoming Nintendo’s all-time best-selling system, so if Switch has taught us something, it is indeed that a machine’s true value is determined by the games it can enjoy.

Selecting only the finest Switch titles has proven tough, especially with such a large collection of great games.

The whole IGN team lead compiled this list of games, featuring our personal Nintendo specialists as well as the NVC program crew, that reflects what we believe are the finest games to play on the Switch currently if you’re new to the system but have been a fan ever since the beginning. So, without any further hemming and hawing, here are our favorite Nintendo Switch games. If you want to know more about gaming visit Quantagames.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

The Mario Kart 8 became the first to be published. It was fantastic back then, and it’s much fantastic now because of all the new material.

There hasn’t been much adjustment, although Mario Kart 8 seems to be as decisive as it comes. It’s jam-packed with unlockable characters, original music, as well as brand-new functionality. It’s still the Nintendo Switch’s best engaging platform game.

Ring Fit Adventure

Sure, exercise is beneficial to your health, but it has two major drawbacks: one, joining a gym is expensive, plus two, it really is tedious.

Ring Fit Adventure tends to solve both of these issues by providing interactive fitness and allowing you to work out from the comfort of your own home, all while keeping the whole thing seems like something of a pleasant, informal RPG.

Ring Fit inspires you to utilize the entire body to fight beasts, gather coins, gain experience, as well as push back the previous best — all the while offering you a real workout in the comfort of the living space — by attaching the Nintendo Switch to the legs and using the strange, wonderful new Ring-Con gadget.

It demonstrates that working out can be enjoyable — especially whenever it’s millions of dollars less expensive than employing a fitness instructor.


ARMS seems to be Nintendo’s latest attempt at a shooter game.

It blends cartoonish graphics, sci-fi armaments, as well as arm-stretching kickboxing into an approachable, eccentric combatant with a wide range of options.

It’s a well-made, entertaining, and competitive match with more than a casual visual resemblance to Splatoon.

Though only time can tell whether ARMS gains traction in the sports world, the game does provide plenty of opportunities to swat your rivals with knuckles.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The makers of Zelda would have to adapt their process in order to create a game involving nature.

Each aspect of the atmosphere’s precision machining would have to be disguised, with elaborate tunnels that link together around the countryside being substituted with huge expanses that seem dazzlingly blank at first.

Don’t be duped. Breath of the Wild seems to be as meticulously built and produced as any other Zelda game, yet everything about this massive, apparently uncontrollable game is made to create you feel so lost, insignificant, and vulnerable to the weather.

Choose a path and go exploring: you’re in for a journey full of real wonder as well as revelation.

Subnautica: Below Zero

The next episode in the water-based surviving saga is a lot chillier.

The additional frozen microclimates are beautiful to gaze at as well as serve to keep the game’s intriguing scavenging/building cycle interesting.

Despite the classic, there are perils both over as well as below the sea, so keep alert at all moments. Luckily, as you progress through the technology tree, you’ll progressively feel more in control of the surroundings as the equipment, housing, and transportation options increase.

Whereas the game’s major focus is on surviving, there is a much more laid-back “Liberty option” for those who enjoy the scenery.

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