The Best Builds to Try in New World

With so many builds in New World to choose from, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly which are the best for each scenario.

There are a lot of viable builds for New World, so much so that it can be overwhelming for those that just want a stable build that they can use in most scenarios. New World is a massive game with many different playstyles and possibilities, and players can forge their paths without many restrictions. What’s special about New World is that unlike many MMOs of a similar type, New World doesn’t have character classes. Rather, players build their characters by allocating points to Weapon Masteries and attributes. This not only allows players to experiment with the gameplay but also lets them find a build that works best for them. Whether it be for PvP, PvE, New World items, or New World coins farming purposes, we’ve outlined some of the best builds for every scenario, including options for groups or solo play.

Best PvP Build: The Meta Tank

For general PvP purposes, the Meta Tank setup is the perfect build for those that want to focus on absorbing and dealing damage without having their resilience or speed brought too low, where they would be extremely slow. This isn’t the type of build for farming New World coins and New World items. For that reason, the Sword and Shield combo is the best main weapon to use. This is because, through the SnS, players can choose to invest their experience points into either more offensive or defensive skill trees. This results in the weapon being perfect for a versatile build that can be tweaked to support one’s preferred playstyle over time. While the Sword and Shield isn’t necessarily the flashiest weapon in the game, it’s one of the most reliable. Along with that, the best attributes to get are Strength and Constitution.

As for the secondary weapon, the Hatchet is the weapon to get. It’s a strong melee damage-type weapon which is already great for PvP and PvE combat, but what makes it special is that it has one of the best skills in the game for tanks wherein the weapon will heal players for a percentage of their health every few seconds. The Hatchet can also taunt all of the enemies around a player. This results in the Hatchet being an unbeatable secondary weapon since players can get healing and taunt from just one skill. For gear, be sure to equip 5 pieces of Heavy Armor and a Kite or Tower Shield to get as many elemental and physical resistances as possible.

Best PvE Build: The Punisher

New World’s PvE is the best place to experiment with a build that you’ve designed. The later-game areas can be challenging, but it’s forgiving enough that players can play around without being annihilated if a build doesn’t work out for them. The Punisher is a great build for those that prioritize crowd control. Being able to disable and lockdown entire groups of enemies with the use of knockbacks and stuns makes players truly feel like they dominate the battlefield.

The primary weapon of choice for a Punisher build is the War Hammer. Fantastic for damage and AoE capabilities, the War Hammer can stun and knockback with ease, which makes it the perfect weapon for the build that we’re going for. As for the secondary weapon, the Spear is the best option as it also has multiple knockdowns and stuns.

Strength will be a player’s primary stat for attributes if they’re planning on using a Punisher build. Not only will it improve the damage of one’s War Hammer skills, but it can also be treated as a sort of secondary buff for the Spear. The great passive buff milestones are a nice bonus too! Much like the Meta Tank build, the gear that the Punisher build is going to use is the Heavy Armor as it not only gives bonuses to one’s defense, but it increases the duration of a player’s crowd control debuff abilities.

Best Farming Build: The Lone Wolf

Finding a group to play with is one of the greatest joys that players can experience when playing in an MMO. Some PvE bosses and PvP missions are specifically designed to be played in groups, so there’s no way to escape group-related activities in New World. However, there’s that certain satisfaction that you get when playing alone as well. And for that reason, it’s not bad to have a build where you’ll be able to support yourself through some of the difficulties that you’re sure to experience in New World. And of course, you can get all the coins and items that you want without having to share them!

We’ve already talked about it before, but the Hatchet is one of the most overpowered weapons. By building it up together with the Berserker Mastery, players will be almost unstoppable since they’ll be able to use self-heal when a rage buff is active. This is an obvious benefit for solo fighters. For the secondary weapon, the Life Staff is the best one to get for solo-only players as they can use it to heal themselves just as easily as their non-existent party members. In doing so, they ought to pair it together with the Healing Mastery which is better than the Protector Mastery in terms of playing without a party. As with all the other builds, the key attributes to get are Strength and Constitution.


That’s pretty much it for the best builds to try out in New World! Whether it be for PvP, PvE, or New World coins farming purposes, there are still a lot of builds out there to tinker with since the MMO is still relatively new and all. What do you think of the builds that we’ve talked about? Have you tried any of them? Let us know down below!


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