No what is strategic management and the career options

Strategic management is a disciplinary element of the management sector that focuses on setting the right direction for public, private and non-profit organizations.

Applying strategic management to the day-to day-business can help you manage your resources to achieve the ultimate goals and objectives.

In this blog post we will dig deep into the employment opportunities that you can enjoy if you choose to start your career with our strategic management course offered in London.

What does strategic management entail?

The functions within strategic management revolves around setting objectives, analyzing the internal work environment and the competitive business platform, implementing and evaluating strategies, as well as the basic operations related to accounting, finance, marketing, HR management and IT.

The basic skill set required to land of job role in the strategic management division add the following:

  • The ability to advise corporations on framing business strategies
  • Generating revenue and cost cutting strategies
  • Develop and maintain business support systems
  • Research and implement management processes
  • Influence change by applying structured thinking and sound or logical judgments
  • Efficiently gather, analyze and integrate multiple forms of information
  • Expertise in oral and written communication to adapt to a variety of audiences.
  • Investigate, determine and deliver tactical or strategic results
  • Manage multiple projects by identifying priorities and meeting deadlines
  • Apply relevant information technology and systems

What are some of the job profiles that strategic management graduates can lay their hands on?

Undergoing a postgraduate certificate program in strategic management will allow you to work almost in any business sector, specially focusing on departments like the social services, human resources, research and education.

strategic management

You can also choose to fit the skills earned through this executive education to take up job roles in the following sectors:

  • Finance and insurance
  • Public administration, oil and gas extraction, and mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Management of enterprises and companies
  • Social assistance and healthcare
  • Food services and accommodation
  • Utilities

Additionally, you can choose to top up your certificate with further education opportunities such as, project management [PMP], specialized courses on Microsoft, certified management consultant [CMC] and master’s in business administration [MBA].

Some of the common employment destinations of students holding post-graduate certification in strategic management includes:

  • Research investigator
  • Financial analyst
  • Product strategist
  • Business analyst
  • Project management coordinator
  • Process coordinator
  • Project analyst
  • Business development coordinator
  • Marketing consultant
  • Strategic initiatives associate
  • Compliance officer
  • Consumer insight analyst

What is the best way to kick start your career path in strategic management?

The most convenient way to get your foot into the door of strategic management department is by doing your research on the nature of work, job prospects, working conditions, educational requirements and pay related topics, before you applied for a job to showcase your personality, interests, skills and values.

Apply to the executive programme on strategic management offered in London today and take a step closer to exploring diverse career options and gain experience while making international Connexions, at the same time!

Get to know the people in your industry and explore professional associations, with the help of the awesome mentors, supervisors and classmates that we have in store for you.

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