How Can Research Experience Help your Medical School Application?

A high GPA score is not the only requirement for medical school. There are certain science prerequisites, and beyond these academic requirements, admission committees look for research and other experiences. Research experience can enhance an overall application and most importantly prepare you for the medical profession.

 Around 80% of students or candidates admitted to med schools have had some sort of research experience. Unlike basic science courses in medical school,  research is not a mandatory requirement for the application process, but its values are aplenty and it certainly expedites the admission process.

But why research? Let’s go through the reasons why research experience can help in your medical school admission.

Research is the very lifeline of medicine. Constant studies are being done on different parts of the human bodies, to understanding the human body and diseases, and come up with effective and healthy remedies. When a student shows the curiosity of a researcher and takes five steps ahead to make a query and reach a conclusion, admission committees find that passion very interesting.

No treatment or medicine would be here today without research. The field need dedicated researchers or newer and innovative ways to diagnose and treat conditions will not be available. Medical school admission committees are interested in seeing how serious you are about medicine. Show them that with your research projects. Undergraduate research, no matter on what subject, are taken into consideration. With your involvement in research you’ll prove to them that you can be an invaluable part of the medical profession. 

Research brings an opportunity to do something new. The point of research is to discover what was not previously known. And this requires total ownership of a topic for a student to undertake research that may lead to a scientific discovery. Research pushes you to think analytically and out of the box, qualities revered in the medical profession.

With research comes highly coveted mentorship from seniors and principal investigators(PI). Research is about collaboration and knowledge-sharing, it helps to make better work relationships with peers and professionals. That mentorship itself becomes very important for the growth of a medical student,Medical School. Your PI will most likely write you a recommendation letter on your work experience.

Research prepares you early for a future career in medicine. Even before you apply in medical schools, through your internships and research work you’ll know the everyday life, challenges and expectations of physicians and the processes that are involved in providing health care inside a professional setting.

Admission committees encourage students to get into the field as early as possible because it’ll give them better clarity of whether they truly want to be a part of this profession. 

You can pursue academic research on any subject but choose what you’re really passionate about. Committee members with years of practice know how to differentiate a project that a candidate has worked on wholeheartedly and what they’ve done just for the sake of it. Your interest and passion should speak for itself in your work. And that’s a great way of shining through in your application. 

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