Pool Maintenance Tricks for This Summer

If you have a pool, you must already be well versed with the typical maintenance tips that involve looking after water and pH levels, changing the filters, skimming and vacuuming. But you also know that keeping up with this maintenance routine on a regular basis is also quite hectic and can be a real bother.

We all want to skip the grueling routine and rather just enjoy our pools if we had our way. But an unclean pool can in turn lead to algae build-up, murky waters and unclean filters. But here are some unusual hacks that we have put together for you to try out that take a little less effort and can make your summer a little more relaxing.



A robotic pool cleaner is an automatic self-contained cleaner that basically does all the work on your behalf. They come with a number of features that make cleaning your pool a lot more accessible, less time consuming and involving minimal effort on your part.

They are powered by their own independent power source and are equipped with advanced technologies like self-navigation that allows them to skim your pool by sucking in debris or other waste in addition to other features like wall cleaning, algae removal and dirt control.

The only downside to this might be the purchasing cost but considering the amount of time, effort and energy it reduces, it can be safely said that the benefits it comes with easily overweighs the singular con.


  • Place Tennis Balls 


This might sound strange, but it works wonders. Your pool is sure to accumulate grime due to the amount of body oil, sunscreen or makeup that might go into it. But you can toss in a few tennis balls in the water or you can place them in the skimmers if you wish for them to be out of sight.

The purpose it serves is that they easily absorb the oil and grime that builds up over time and leave you with crystal-clear and sparkling clean water.


  • Use Baking Soda


A pound of baking soda is actually equal in composition to alkalinity products but it comes at half the cost. Things you should be aware of when using Myenvoyair. So the next time you need to increase the water pH levels when they go down just use baking soda instead.

But it also acts as a multipurpose powerhouse when it comes to cleaning your pool. You can make a paste out of it to clean the tiles and remove grout in your pool. It is recommended to do this at an interval of about once a week to prevent the formation of algae as well.


  • Plant Lemongrass


Lemongrass actually serves as natural bug repellents. We all know how much of nuisance bugs can be while swimming or sunbathing and especially when they end up in the skimmer baskets. Thankfully planting lemongrass close to the pool can finally keep them at bay.

The plant contains citronella which repels most insects. As a result, you will be freed of mosquitoes and no other stinging bugs would build a nest or gather within 200 feet of the plant and your pool either.

These easy and unusual pool maintenance tips are sure to allow you to have a cleaner pool this summer and that too without involving too much maintenance or pouring a lot of chemicals into the water. Not to mention, it would also mean a much more enjoyable swim time experience with your family and friends.

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