Assembling a Custom PC By Using PC Konfigurator

In order to assemble the Custom PC, a corresponding configurator is required. This tool offers the customer a selection of Casing, power supplies, graphics cards, motherboards, RAM, CPUs and other individual parts. The visitor can combine these into a complete system, which is delivered to him with a guarantee.

Assembling a gaming PC is the right decision for people who are familiar with the hardware or who do some basic knowledge on assembling PCs. If you don’t want to familiarize yourself with it, you prefer to use a ready-made system at the online shop or specialist retailer you trust. Hopefully the individual components are coordinated with one another in the best possible way.

Hardware check: Assemble your gaming PC 

This section summarizes the necessary and indispensable components of a Custom PC. Based on this performance, the reader is able to educate himself about the components in order to be able to put together a Computer.

Processor / CPU : The brain of the computer is a processor. The computing power, which does not affect the graphics, is done here. AMD and Intel are in a close duel. This is what Intel (Core processors) is ultimately deciding more and more for itself. When it comes to the price-performance ratio, however, AMD doesn’t have to hide. If graphic resilience is important, a little more can be spent on the graphics card and a little less on the CPU.

Graphics card : The visual representation is a decisive factor for shooters and other “graphic card”. A competent component in this area is essential for performance when playing. But it is also an expensive part of putting together a gaming PC. AMD and Nvidia produce the best graphics cards. However, if you are not a high-end gamer, you do not need the latest series.

Motherboard: Also called mainboard. It is the component on which other hardware is attached. It creates the network that enables the components to work together. The available socket for the CPU must be coordinated with the selected processor. The majority is necessary if several graphics cards are to be installed. The number of RAM slots and, if necessary, the availability of a competent sound chip can also be important features. The size of the mainboard must also be able to be incorporated into the housing of choice.

RAM memory : Bars are required which can be inserted into the selected main board. For the normal PC start from 2 GB to 4GB. IBut for gaming PCs, it is better to choose 8GB or 16GB. The costs of this component are limited in comparison to the CPU and the processor. The RAM is the intermediate memory, which can reduce loading times. A fluid gaming experience is therefore only created if the equipment here corresponds to the taste of games.

Hard disk : Under certain circumstances, it is possible to drive on two tracks here. First of all, a data memory is required where all games can be accommodated. With today’s sizes and the comparatively low cost of hard disks, you can calculate here in terabytes (TB). Furthermore, an SSD hard drive can be worthwhile if the time for booting up the operating system and for loading game content is to be reduced, said John O. from

It outlines the most important components of a custom building PC. Other components are available when you assemble a computer with the PC Konfigurator or PC Builder

Questions and answers about building a PC

A konfigurator is a practical tool. But there are always questions in this context that deserve an answer below.

Assembling a PC – What should be considered?

Therefore the CPU and the graphics card as well as the RAM memory are the essential components. The budget is burdened most with these components. Those who assemble themselves must also ensure the best possible compatibility of the components.

Is this selection suitable for my dream PC?

Usually, this problem is rolled up from the other side. What requirements does the system have to meet? The minimum requirements are then noted. The built-in cards and chips have to master these challenges and, at best, even surpass them. The links above will help assess the quality of the ingredients.

Putting together a gaming PC: which is the best Konfigurator?

Different factors play a role here. The presentation and selection of the tool, the company’s service and, last but not least, the prices and reputation must be taken into account. Competent configurators have been presented above, where you can try out the settings as a trial.

Is it cheaper to use a PC Konfigurator?

It’s not cheaper, but neither is it more expensive. In any case, the company must assemble the components and combine them into a fully functional system. So there are costs for the individual parts and for the work. Here the tool does not differ from the ready-made offers. If you want it to be more attractively priced, you need knowledge of the assembly and compatibility of the device parts. In this case, the individual parts can be purchased from different dealers in order to take advantage of the most favorable prices. There are also no expenses for working hours. In essence, using a PC Builder from companies like The MVP gives a sense of direction when it comes to building your Gaming PC. This is especially useful when you are on a budget. Generally, 16 GBs of high-speed RAM, a good mid-tier Graphics Card, a newer generation Ryzen or Intel CPU and SSD Storage is a reasonable budget build and will let you play modern titles with ease at 1080p 60 FPS.

How much money has to be spent putting the gaming PC together?

The cost is based on the requirements in any case. The most expensive are graphics cards and CPUs. Here everyone who needs proper performance needs to dig deeper into their pockets F95zone .


PC Konfigurator is an online platform, With the modern technology PC specialist develop this tools where customers can set up their own pc with their own niche, choice and budget. It is also suitable, cost effective & custominable

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