5 Mistakes to Avoid While Outsourcing Mobile Application Development

As an enterprise, there is a lot at stake when you’re choosing an agency to outsource your business’ mobile application development. But that doesn’t have to mean pressure on your behalf, as long as you’re getting your research done right, and taking into account all the factors that come with it. After all, having a mobile app built for your business can transform your brand by opening up newer demographics and engaging opportunities. In fact, there are several brand examples that have accomplished greater feats once they’ve had their business’ application up and running – be it Ola or Foodpanda. 

Having your requirements outlined beforehand, and comparing it with the previous works of your outsourcing options can give you a clearer conscience into what you’re getting into. In general, the first reason to have application development outsourced is to have advanced technical features and work with the best-experienced professionals. Here’s a rundown of things to cover, and save you precious time and worries:

#1: Lookout for Time-Zone Difference

One of the many things that agencies often forget to consider has to be the importance of hiring an agency that is active during the daylight hours of your region. That way, you don’t have to wait out an entire day to get replies to your queries or concerns. It may even help you in deciding project deadlines or plan a project meeting. 


#2: Conduct Functional Tests for End User’s Environment

If you’re looking to give your viewers a seamless app experience, it is always a good call to conduct ample testing. When we say testing, we also mean simulation tests that copy the right settings of your users’ mobile platforms, and the location for which it is developed for. It has been observed that most of the bugs that are identified in the apps by the users, could have been averted if they were removed during testing.

#3: Outsourcing to the Latest Service Providers

Before choosing your service provider, you need to be sure they provide the newest, advanced technologies and their services. For instance, if you’re looking to develop a Hybrid app, you first need to know if they follow the best mobile app technologies, and are aware of the market of these apps in the target region. Looking out for agencies that have worked on similar lines to your project can help you make your choices right. 

#4: Assigning a good communicator as a project manager

Like every other development project, building your mobile application requires effective communication between both parties. Therefore, you’d need to incorporate transparent, seamless communication channels with the developers working on your application and your project manager, marketers, and other relevant technicians. Such strong communication can filter out any misunderstandings in the early stages of development, as well as come out robust and complete with the littlest details. In order to analyze how your shortlisted agencies take things forward, you can always begin with outsourcing smaller projects and then have them analyzed based on their deliverable. 

#5 Special care for app security, including user data and source code protection

One of the most undermined things that most business owners face as they outsource the development process to the agency, is the trademarks and patent laws in that location. There are many regions across the world that have no instigated laws or contract clauses that ensure an added layer of security to the source code of your app. Sometimes, the agency may have an NDA protecting your app’s source code but doesn’t include anything about limiting the access of your database. 

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The process of outsourcing your mobile app development can feel overwhelming, but it is all worth it in the end. Now that you understand the most common mistakes that business owners make, you can avoid them altogether right from the beginning. All you need to do is to keep yourself well-researched and understood at all times. 

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