Writing blogs? Remember who your target audience is by Gaurav Heera.

When more and more writers are switching to run a blog, it is important to understand what kind of content can grab the attention of your targeted audiences. Creating fresh content isn’t easy but requires detailed research, analysis of data, origin of the subject and other valuable aspects to mark the success. If you want to be on top of your search rankings, it is necessary to publish quality content which users or viewers can understand easily. When the audience will start getting answers to their searches with the help of a specific blog then it will naturally drive traffic to your business.

To target your audience with the creation of unique content, you need to keep the following steps in mind.

#Research- before starting any project, it is very important to collect data about anything you are going to begin with. When it comes to blogging, it is very important to research about what kind of content your audiences are willing to read, what makes them interested in reading your content, what kind of topics your audiences are looking for, etc. because the competition is tough. Don’t always run behind what’s trending, try to make your own trend. With the help of Google AdWords, you can search high traffic keywords so that you can choose one specific and out of the box keyword to begin writing with and generate organic traffic to your website says Gaurav heera. Today these Google searches are helping people to know what people want. Once you’re done with your research work, you can start writing the answers to their questions which they are searching at Google Bar.

#Keyword- what writers are forgetting easily is, the topic they are writing on is based on the researched keyword. If your title will be missing that one keyword you have chosen from Google AdWords, then, you will easily be losing your audiences because you ultimately forgot to target them.

Write the title of your blog with the mentioned keyword because this is the key which will engage your audiences and will inform people what they are going to get from this article. Once your appropriate title will be visible to the search engines and readers then you can generate good traffic to your website and can get more reachability to the audiences.

#Create- creating the real fresh and appropriate content is very important to grab the attention of the targeted audiences. If your content is full of technical languages, not focused, and out of the subject, then no user will stay on your website for a longer period of time and this will drop your search rankings and website traffic as well. We all know that today’s world is very competitive and especially when it comes to writing blogs, there are endless people who are creating content on a daily basis for their users. But if you want to stand out of this scenario and gain regular clicks on your site, then, you must start researching well about your audiences, their preferences, their choices and needs, etc. and then write for them. You can use various tools to understand these basics and then accordingly can plan your future steps. Mention one keyword several times at required places in your article.

#Link- there is a strategy behind everything that exists on online platforms. If you’ll understand the basic technicalities of how just linking the other article as a reference with your present content will help boost your SEO, then you will be a pro at blogging. For example,

“If you really enjoy this article, then here are some other references of the content that you may enjoy.” This is a way of hyper linking your content with other articles and creating internal cross-links to earn benefits with the upgraded ranking on the search engines.

#continuity- any work requires consistency and if your business or any other work is inconsistent, then you may not be able to increase your website traffic because this will create an impression that you are not actively working. Being a blogger, posting your articles every day is the need of all time.


Blogging isn’t a tough job, but researching about the topics and agendas, being consistent with your work and to reach wider audiences is. Definitely writing for your readers can take time and effort but once you learn the techniques and follow all the above steps then you can generate a great amount of website traffic that can help you to grow professionally and become popular among your readers and target audiences. Along with these basics, if you are willing to advertise and promote your blogs widely, then, you can learn marketing techniques by joining the Digital marketing courses. 


About the Author – Gaurav Heera is a Digital Marketing strategist with ten years of consulting & training experience. He has worked with major brands such as DelhiCourses.in, an institute known best for its digital marketing course in Delhi

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