The Secret Life of Mortgage Brokers Sunshine Coast

You already understand that mortgage brokers Sunshine Coast come in a variety of flavors and that some of them have gotten a poor rap recently. You’re also aware that they perform an important service: obtaining mortgages that your bank is unable to provide. To properly appreciate how mortgage brokers like Brokerco Australia can help you, you need first to learn how they work and how they are compensated.

Mortgage Brokers in Action:

When you receive a house loan from your neighborhood bank, there may just be one person involved: your neighborhood bank. Portfolio lenders are banks that create and hold on to a house mortgage. Most banks, on the other hand, do not keep the mortgages they create.

They earn by selling the mortgages. They may immediately sell your debt to another lender or sell it to a wholesale purchaser. To put it another way, many banks function like mortgage brokers.

Mortgage Brokers
Mortgage Brokers in Action

The process goes like this

To acquire a loan, you go to mortgage brokers. Once they get your credit scores, down payment (equity), and payment limit, the first thing they do is see if Fannie Mae (Freddie Mac) would acquire your loan and under what conditions.

It’s all done on a computer. Your broker enters your information into the computer, and the software responds with one of two options: you qualify or you don’t. Really, it gives you figures and percentages, such as how much you can borrow, what interest rate you’ll get, and how much the broker will profit.

Mortgage Brokers

How Mortgage Brokers Get Paid (Usually)

This is where the fun begins. Brokers are given three different pay levels to choose from. This means they make less cash if they give you the lowest interest rate you qualify for, and more cash if they give you a higher rate.

It will look something like this:

5.04 percent interest rate – the broker receives 1.25 percent of the loan amount.

5.15 percent interest rate – the broker earns 1.50 percent of the loan amount.

5.30 percent interest rate – the broker earns 2.25 percent of the loan amount.

This implies that your broker’s firm can make $2,500, $3,000, or $4,500 on a $200,000 home loan. Because of costs, your broker may not be able to give you the minimal interest rate you qualify for. Most brokers refuse to lend to those who just need a modest amount of money due to overhead.

Mortgage Brokers
How Mortgage Brokers Get Paid (Usually)

Mortgage Broker Pitfall:

Your broker may have a strong working connection with a certain wholesale purchaser (they spend better, they are simpler to work with, etc.). In this situation, many mortgage brokers would strive to route every client they have through that wholesale purchaser, even if the fit isn’t ideal.

That’s one of the times your mortgage broker may inquire whether you can bring more funds to the closing or if you have a co-signer. It’s also when some mortgage brokers do anything illegal.

Mortgage Brokers
Mortgage Broker Pitfall


Unless they’re also a portfolio lender, mortgage brokers must work inside this framework. Brokers would need a lot of funds, hundreds of millions of dollars, to be a portfolio lender for all the loans they produce. And, you guessed it, most of them have never dreamed of having that amount of cash.

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