Affordable Ways Businesses Can Reach Their Target Audiences

Not every business has the marketing budget of a Nike or a Starbucks, so does that mean that all smaller companies are left picking up the advertising scraps? Not necessarily. Today, you’re going to learn some of the best ways to reach a target market even if your budget is small…very small.

Try Guerrilla Marketing

If you’re not getting the attention you deserve in 2021, it could be time to step outside of the box and try guerrilla marketing. This form of advertising is designed to shock and surprise. Be careful, go too far and you could alienate the audience and harm the business’s reputation.

Google My Business

Despite not having a price tag and helping many businesses, it’s still surprising to see that some still haven’t claimed their brand on Google My Business. Especially if you offer a service to a local community, you need this in your marketing strategy.

Essentially, this is a free Google listing that displays when people nearby are looking for a service of your type. If you head onto Google right now and type ‘hair salon near me’, you’ll see that the top of the search results shows a map and a list of nearby businesses. The best way business could feature here, but only if you claim it. As well as claiming it, add as much information as possible. This includes opening hours, COVID protocols, contact information, address, and a link to your website.

Enter for Business Awards

Ever feel as though business awards ceremonies ignore your brand? Well, many take applications each year. To get your name onto the shortlist for an award, complete the application. Why is this important? Because an award will bring credibility and authority, just look at what King Kong has done over the last few years. People will see the award online and won’t be able to click through fast enough because it shows recognition for your hard work.

Social Media

The only cost that comes with platforms like Instagram and Facebook is your time. As long as you have some spare time, engaging with customers and building a following is a FANTASTIC idea. You can comment on industry events, have discussions with prospective customers, encourage leads through the buying funnel, answer common questions, address negative PR, run competitions, build excitement for product releases, gather ideas for future products, and more (and all for no cost).

If you want to avoid common mistakes, don’t assume that Facebook is the best platform for you. Many businesses spend their time on Reddit and many smaller platforms because this is the best way to reach their target audience…this is the theme of this article, after all.

Use Hashtags

When using social media, make sure you add hashtags to your posts. By using niche-specific hashtags, you find people with an interest in your brand and products. In addition to general hashtags, you can eventually introduce brand hashtags and learn what others are saying about your company online.

Create Brilliant Content

You’ve probably started to notice a theme, and this is another tip that requires an investment of time rather than money. Fortunately, you now have opportunities to outsource (for a good price!) if you don’t have this time. Either way, add plenty of genuinely useful content to your website and it will organically receive lots of clicks over time. Answer common questions, advise people who are choosing between products, and become an industry leader with valuable content.

Host a Giveaway

Finally, a traditional method of reaching a target audience, but one that still works, is to hold a competition or giveaway. Anybody interested will enter (and provide their email address). Meanwhile, those who lose out on the prize might still buy your product.

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