Finding the Right Tire for Your Jeep JL Rubicon 

Tire shopping can be overwhelming at first. For Jeep JL Rubicon owners, there are lots of tire upgrade options when it’s time to consider a new set of wheels. Jeep owners are in a class by themselves and often want to choose tires that complement this iconic brand. Before deciding on the brand and model for your new tires, consider these factors that can help you feel more confident about your new purchase.

Your Budget

First, think about how much money you want to invest in a new set of tires for your Jeep. Tire replacements are recommended after approximately every 50,000 miles, so if you’re due for your first upgrade, consider how long the new set will last. The average driver puts about 50,000 miles on their car every five years. For Jeeps, there are many different tire product options in all price ranges. Additionally, you can opt for a more expensive set of truck tires if you time your purchase during the months that tire manufacturers offer deep sales or discounts, such as October or April.

Driving Habits

The best tire option for your car also depends on how you drive. If you drive primarily on the highway for commuting to work and school, you may want to go with a set of stock tires. Drivers who like to take their cars off-road should choose more rugged tires that have that capability. The type of tires you buy can also impact your Jeep’s fuel economy, speed, and performance. Some tire brands may also give your vehicle a smoother ride. 


When you’re shopping and looking at tire options, also consider your region’s climate. Drivers who live in warm, beachy climates may opt for a tire that can handle navigating sand. If your area has a lot of heavy rain, an all-weather tire may be an appropriate choice. Extreme climates with lots of heavy snow, sleet or ice may be best suited for an all-season tire or a winter tire. Equipping your truck wheels and tires with something that is ideal for your region’s weather conditions can improve safety and performance. 


Next, add your lifestyle into the decision-making process for new Jeep tires. Jeep owners who have children may prioritize tire safety ratings when choosing a brand and model. Drivers who mainly use their Jeep for recreational purposes can look at some of the top off-road tire models for something fun. Consider your JL Rubicon tire size that makes the most sense for your lifestyle and daily habits.


Some drivers go with what looks the coolest and what they like when swapping out their older tires for a new set. Jeep owners can revamp the way their vehicle looks with an awesome set of tires, even if they never take their Jeep on off-road trails or hard-to-access roads.

The right tire for your Jeep JL Rubicon is the one that meets your needs. Think about the reason you use your Jeep and match a tire that helps your vehicle perform its best. Add your budget and vehicle specifications to the process, and you will get the perfect tire for your truck.

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