8 Must Have Bots On Your Discord Server

A group’s strength is determined by its members. The same goes for your Discord server. An excellent way to ensure that you have a thriving, active community on your server is to start adding bots!  Bots can do many things like moderating chat or displaying important information in the server’s sidebar. If you are the owner of a Discord server, you know how important it is to have some bots on your server. Bots can provide entertainment for your users and make it easier to manage by automating tasks. If you’re new to the world of Discord, it can be overwhelming trying to find bots that are not only useful but also won’t cause your server to crash. 


In this blog post, we’ll cover some of the top bots on the market and their features. Read on to find out more.


  • MEE6:

According to techstry MEE6 is a bot that automates operations such as delivering welcome messages. You can also build custom instructions to ban people that submit advertisements, links, or spam. But the ability to give responsibilities to users and deliver messages in the current channel or DMs is its most robust feature. Members can compete for the highest spot on the scoreboard or earn customisable rank cards to show their dedication. You can also block users temporarily or permanently, depending on the conditions you select. Any user who receives three infractions, for example, could also be timed out for 30 minutes. MEE6 is one of the most effective moderating bots available in the discord bot list. It is unquestionably worthwhile to install.


  • Helper.gg:

Discord, despite its image as a gaming platform, can also help businesses. Other bots, such as Helper.gg, can assist humans who perform customer care. You can tag specific channels and servers using this bot to bring the ticket to the proper people’s notice. One of its features is that it allows your workers to arrange access and close them after your customers’ issues have been resolved. The messages and actions that users view and use can be customised. It’s one of those things that can boost the efficiency of your customer care department.


  • IdleRPG:

IdleRPG is a fun Discord bot to add to your server. Why? You can play a text-based RPG without leaving Discord with this bot. It’s a fun system to play with. Users can make their own characters and participate in missions. You can buy stuff, form a party, and interact with other players, just like in any other RPG. You can even marry if you want to. You begin by giving your character a name and choosing a class. A warrior, wizard, thief, ranger, ritualist, raider, or valor are all options. You can then dive right in and have a good time.


  • ProBot:

ProBot works in the same way as other moderating programmes, but it concentrates on customising welcome messages. It allows you to establish the tone for anybody who joins your Discord server. It also offers additional functions, such as kicking disrespectful individuals or preventing them from uploading information that breaches your rules. You can also use commands to help you moderate members. Members can be muted, repetitive messages can be deleted, and can warn users if they use unfair terms. Because the punishments are adjustable, you have complete control over what occurs when the rules are broken.


  • Community Hubs:

Community Hubs is a bot that connects you to other Discord servers. The concept is to establish a location where individuals can share knowledge from various sources. This is an excellent bot to employ if you want to engage with folks outside of your channel. It isn’t only for gaming channels. It’s also suitable for companies. Community Hubs can be used to transmit content across many channels. This bot can stream your show to both of your company’s communities at the same time if your live stream is relevant to both.


  • Double Counter:

Double Counter is different from other Discord moderation tools in that it blocks users from entering your server with numerous accounts. It validates new users and checks their IP addresses to see if they have multiple accounts. As a result, if a user gets booted from the server, they will not be able to re-join using another account. Other characteristics, such as cookies, are taken into consideration by this bot to distinguish users. It can also ban VPN users, making it impossible for them to re-enter. You’ll need a bot like Double Counter to keep folks in line if you’ve had problems with people flooding your Discord server with several accounts.


  • Dyno Bot:

Dyno gives you total and efficient server control. Admins can quickly establish new ranks with the help of such a bot. It’s ideal for serving as a server moderator. It could be through alerts when someone deletes a message or by mass SMS purges. These features make your server a great environment for communities to come together without fear of being hated. The Dyno bot has its own dashboard, where you can easily select whatever functionalities you want to enable or disable. The bot has features like limited time muting, member banning, and auto moderation.


  • Xenon:

It’s possible that a mod changed something on your server, and it no longer feels the same. Wouldn’t having a backup be fantastic in this situation? You can backup, archive, copy, clone, or synchronies your Discord server using the Xenon bot. All of this can be done with a few easy instructions. Take advantage of backups to keep track of your server’s current status. You’ll gain even more features, such as roles and channels, if you upgrade to the premium edition. You can also schedule when the state is automatically backed up. Users can also utilise templates to share their server configurations with others.


Keeping your community entertained and interested will be a breeze when you employ the Discord bots described above. Bots can also assist you to update your server and keep you in control at all times. As a result, it’s always a good idea to add some entertaining and helpful bots to your server.


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