7 Creative Ideas to Effectively Market Your Brand on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Marketing has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few decades.

The main motive of WhatsApp Marketing is to promote your brand through WhatsApp.

Do you know how to use WhatsApp for marketing and engagement purposes? If No, then fret not!

In this blog, we’ll look at various creative WhatsApp Messenger Marketing ideas and strategies that can drive massive traffic to your online address.

  1. Create a Brand Persona- The desire to send WhatsApp bulk SMS has been working well in the business world.

    But many businesses still fail because they are unable to interact with their audience correctly.

    As a result, creating a brand persona becomes a crucial part of carrying out WhatsApp Messenger Marketing.

    Remember all the successful brands like Apple, Nike and Fanta? One thing that all of them share is Brand Persona.

    For instance, Nike appears to be passionate and vigorous. Try to explore the personality of your brand.

    Develop an emotional connection with your customer by defining your core traits.


  1. WhatsApp Broadcast Lists- Make sure that you use the broadcast feature of WhatsApp.

    WhatsApp broadcast lists are for one-way communications specifically tailored to increase engagement of your brand.

    You can craft some posters and posts to announce any offers and invitations.

    Additionally, with WhatsApp, you can virtually celebrate birthday anniversaries of your brand and share your happiness with people.


  1. WhatsApp Group Chat- WhatsApp groups come in handy when you need to conduct market research and surveys.

    It is a great way to introduce new customers and perhaps encourage the whole set to try a newly launched product they’ve never tried before!


  1. Create Quality Content Yes, on WhatsApp too!

    One of the best ways to retain customer engagement by WhatsApp messenger

    Marketing is through creating quality content. Make sure that your primary focus is adding value to your customers’ lives and not just selling. ~ Freaky SEO Expert


  1. Partner With Influencers- Collaborating with other businesses and influencers in your domain on WhatsApp is a great way to expand your base online.

    Influencers help to create trust in the customers’ minds.

    So, even if some of them aren’t interested in purchasing the product, they may refer your brand to others within their circle.


  1. Get Feedback- The open rate of WhatsApp is good 70%. So, instead of calling people personally, you can send questionnaire feedback to collect valuable reviews from your customers.

    Also, you can improve on the products and provide coupons and vouchers to enhance customer experience using WhatsApp.


  1. Take your customer support to the next level- You can provide instant customer support via WhatsApp using multimedia texts, voice texts, and live videos.

    Building an effective customer support service on WhatsApp is beneficial as it brings in repeated sales and brand loyalty.


All in all, these are some basic yet creative marketing ideas that you can incorporate while marketing your brand on WhatsApp.It is important to note that analysis is the key to measure your marketing efforts. So, keep tracking and optimizing your WhatsApp campaigns.
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