How to Use WhatsApp Marketing to Drive Massive Traffic to your Business

  1. Confused? Let us explain. This number will help us understand different kinds of people in this world. There are three types of people in this world. First are the smart ones. They know how to read the above-mentioned figure. Second, are the ones who will Google the figurer to save themselves from any kind of embarrassment? Then come the third ones. These people are ignorant. They won’t bother to do anything and go ahead with their lives. 

However, there is one thing common between all of these people. Do you know what? All three of these people use Whatsapp. Yes, that’s right. We got you. So that’s the point you see. Every third person on this planet uses Whatsapp. That’s the kind of popularity it has gained over these years. Hence, the traffic is present right from the beginning, all you as a business owner need to do is strategies and work towards driving this traffic towards your business. Not very difficult eh??

All said and done, Whatsapp is more of a personal social media App. The question that pops up next is how can one use it to promote their brand? The rate at which social media is growing right now, every social media App is an online store and a window to get your business flying.

If you follow the right marketing tips, you can ace this game through Whatsapp as well. Though at the moment, Instagram has the most active traffic, we can’t deny the fact that it is hard to grow on Instagram at this point. There is an account to provide every service possible, and if you are a newcomer and wish to sustain and flourish your business bulk WhatsApp sender is a better option.

Why Whatsapp: Because This Platform Is Way More Than Just Sharing Jokes!

Whatsapp marketing is still very alien to the masses; hence it is the right time to get crackling

There are a lot of customers who are not on social media, and if the prime target of your brand is slightly towards the boomers, WhatsApp is the right choice.

The best reason to use bulk WhatsApp sender for business is that probably most of your customers are already using the app, nearly 60 billion messages are sent through WhatsApp every single day!

Unlike other apps, the probability of your message reaching your target audience is very high. The engagement rate of WhatsApp is very high; there is a 98% chance that your message will be opened


What is bulk WhatsApp Marketing: Not Just Being Active on Family WhatsApp Groups.

Whatsapp has recently launched a business app keeping the small business owners in mind. It allows businesses to easily interact with their customers by using tools to automate, sort and quickly respond to messages. 

Since WhatsApp doesn’t provide you with a lot of business tools, you have to be creative with your campaign. You can reach out to your customers through messages only; make sure you make the best first impression.

However, one of the biggest drawbacks of WhatsApp marketing is that you need access to your customer’s phone numbers, to engage with them, well here is your solution

  • Whatsapp does provide a way to add a click-to-chat link to your website, email signature or social media pages, that makes it easy for people to engage with your brand

Why bulk WhatsApp sender Beneficial for Small Scale Business?

Though the concept of using WhatsApp is awesome sauce and has a personalized touch of its own, the reach is low since it doesn’t allow branded ads. 

The only way you can reach out to your customers is through messaging them and there is a certain limitation to the number of messages sent out, hence this strategy won’t do justice for big-scale brands. However, if you’re a brand new business and are just starting, well this platform is all yours.

How to Do It the Right Way?

While you get to interact with your customers on a one-on-one level, you have to lure them towards your brand for the conversation to get started, well how do you do that?

  • Simple, the best part about WhatsApp is its authenticity, you can add your personalized touch to your ads, it is not only your brand but for your personality as well that will help you build a healthy relationship with your customers
  • The prime difference between email marketing and WhatsApp is that added personalized feeling that your customers get, hence make the most of it, quick and charismatic responses are the key to it
  • Whatsapp groups are the best way to socialize and increase your traffic
  • The level of intimacy with your customers on this app is something not to be taken lightly. If you invade their privacy, you are doing it all wrong and this boon will turn out to be a bane as you will get blocked. That’s the last thing you would want
  • Along with getting creative on what you send out, you need to have a creative approach to contact them as well
  • With passing time, Whatsapp has evolved and there have been some great additions to the formats that you can forward on the app
  • While a message may not work every single time, sending out pictures, videos, gifs, updating your status is a great deal maker!

There is a reason why chat box marketing works better than any other review system. Your customers get to clear their lack of certainty in a way better manner. While the messages and pictures you send out can coax them to approach you, the aftermath is the deciding factor. The way you deal with their queries is what will either make or break it. 

Therefore, the best way to make the most of Whatsapp marketing is to follow ideal protocols to deal with all kinds of customer enquiries, bulk WhatsApp marketing software isn’t just promoting your brand, it’s a mix of an ad, call center, PR firm all in one. Word of mouth is key to the immense growth of any business, and WhatsApp can get you that word of mouth if you utilize all the resources the veracious way.


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