Best Gaming Laptops – Buying Guide

Most gamers all around the world want a laptop that is both affordable and highly efficient. This is why they are always on the lookout for new brand announcements. But before you fall prey to false marketing strategies, we recommend you first go through this excellent buying guide.

In this article, we will highlight some of the top features that make a model stand out. For a very holistic performance, all you need to do is invest in one of the best gaming laptops under 500. These aren’t only very affordable but also offer some of the best features in the market.

Here is everything you need to know before you buy one of the best gaming laptops under $500 for yourself.


One of the most important features to look out for is the GPU. The graphics processing unit is integral to the smooth and accurate running of your game. A good GPU not only allows you to multitask but also allows you to run complex systems at the same time. Additionally, a good GPU will also help make video editing, machine learning, and gaming easier for you. But before you buy a GPU, know the kind of needs that you have.

Entry-level gamers- If you have just begun and don’t play very heavy games; you can go for either an RX 550m or a GTX 1650. The latter is more affordable whereas the latter will give you some extra power.

Mainstream gamers- If you have had a little bit of practice and play games like DOTA and fortnight; we recommend you go for Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 2060. This will allow you to play many games in high-end settings. This GPU will also add smoothness to your experience.

VR gamers- if you play for the big leagues or you frequently enter into competitions; we recommend you invest in one of the best gaming laptops under 500 with an RTX 2070. This GPU not only allows for amazing quality but also ensures better special effects.  


While a GPU is important, you will also have to look at a thing like the CPU. If you have a good or reasonable budget, you can get a powerful core i7 CPU. Having a good processor means that you can download any game without putting too much burden on the system. Additionally, you can get a good frame rate and reduce any potential lag during your gaming.

The above two side benefits not only allow you to experience faster gaming but also add smoothness to your entire experience. For the best results, you should look for a powerful processor such as the 10th generation core. Moreover, some of the best gaming laptops under $500 come with powerful processors. You can also consider investing in 11th generation Intel core processors. These guarantee the best results that you could ever imagine. 

RAM and Storage

These two features go hand in hand with each other. Both determine the kind and amount of games you can install in your system. For most fast-paced games, you need a RAM of at least 8 GB. However, if you have slightly more budget, you can also get one of the best gaming laptops under $500 with an intensive RAM of 16GB. 

As for storage, you can get anywhere between 128 GB or 256 GB on a good gaming laptop. Most laptops also come with a small SSD that will act as a boot drive. However, if you can make an upgrade to a larger SSD, you can reduce the loading time for your games to a great extent.

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What Else Should I Consider?


Gamers are more concerned with what they can see rather than anything that exists within the laptop. This is where a good display comes in. If you are looking to enjoy your gaming experience to a maximum, then we suggest you look for a widescreen. Best gaming laptops under $500 usually offer a widescreen of either 14 or 15.6 inches. This is large enough to ensure an immersive experience for the gamer.

Refresh Rate and Resolution

Most models you see in the market come with a resolution of 1080 p and a good display of around 60 Hz. This is more than enough for most gamers out there. However, some professionals require a higher refresh rate of around 144 Hz or even greater. This costs more money, however, a higher refresh rate also helps add smoothness to your gaming experience. 


In many instances, gamers consider every single thing, but they forget to pay any importance to the keyboard. This is problematic because, in many instances, a keyboard is all that’s stopping you from enjoying your game to the full extent. An entry-level gaming keyboard will come with simple chiclet keys and ordinary led lighting. However, if you invest a little more, you can also get a better laptop that comes with macro keys. Moreover, you can also experience far better backlighting. 


In a review that talks about the most important things to consider, how can we possibly forget battery life? Most gamers get frustrated when they have to stop their games midway. A laptop that requires charging frequently can be quite a problem. This is why you should always lookout for the best gaming laptops under $500 that come with at least 7 to 11 hours of battery life. 

Bottom Line

When buying a gaming laptop; know that there is a lot of fake marketing going on in the market. Brands project their models as the absolute best. But in many instances, they are just trying to overcompensate for the flaws in their units. 

If you don’t want to fall into their trap, all you have to do is pay heed to whatever’s said above. Moreover, you need to ensure that you can get the maximum amount of features within your required budget of $500 or less. 

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