A Thorough Guide on Setting Up Your Sponsored Ad Campaign with Facebook

Running a Facebook ad is now a staple of every social media strategy. With so much content on social media, if you want your posts to be seen, what could be better than paying to increase the reach? This is best done by setting up a sponsored ad. 

If you are looking for immediate reach, there’s nothing better than paid advertising on Facebook. I have seen the ad of Spectrum Internet so many times that it enticed me to sign up for one of their plans. This is proof that ads can sell anything when the campaign is on point. 

Ready to set up a sponsored ad for your product or service? Here, you will find all the steps to set up a Facebook ad to get your campaign up and running. Let’s jump into the details: Also check our another article about Remove Tags From Facebook.

Step 1: Start With a Clear Goal

Before creating an ad for any campaign, first, you must be clear about your goals. What’s the purpose of the campaign? What are you aiming to achieve? Once the goals are in place, you will always have something to measure success against. 

Here are some of the goals that must be identified before moving on to step two:

  • Increase web traffic
  • Attract more people to attend your event 
  • Make new clients reach your brand 
  • Boost engagement on your Facebook page 

Step 2: Go to Facebook Ads Manager

To start with your campaigns, you need to use the Facebook Ads Manager tool. Once you are there, click on the green button on the page’s right corner to set up your first add.

Step 3: Choose the Objective

Every ad campaign has an objective. Facebook gives three main categories to set up a campaign. Your options are:


This lets you generate the interest of the audience in your product or service. You can either boost your posts, promote the page, increase brand awareness, or reach.


Here, the objective is to make people start thinking about your business and search for more information about it. For example, such an ad lets you send people to a destination on Facebook or away from it, get people to install your ad, view your videos, increase attendance at an event or collect leads.


The objective of this campaign is to encourage people who are interested in your business to buy your product or service. You can tap into conversion for increasing app engagement, make more people claim your offer, increase conversion of your site, promote a catalog of products or a single product, and get more people to visit your shop physically. 

For example, if Spectrum wants more people to subscribe to Spectrum TV, its objective would be conversion.

Step 4:  Select your Audience and Define the Budget 

This step is a crucial part of the Facebook ad campaign. You can customize the audience based on demographics like age, location, gender, language, interest, connections, and behavior. You can further customize your audience using the custom audiences feature. 

Once you have specified your target audience, define how much you would like to spend your budget. You can either set up a daily budget or a lifetime budget.

Step 5: Create the Advert

This step requires choosing an image or a video, headline, ad copy, and the place where you would like to display the ad. Remember, the text of the ad needs to be of 90 characters. You can either create a new advert or use an existing post. Facebook gives five different formats for an advert:

  1. Canvas

This combines different images and videos to tell an immersive story

  1. Single Video 

Create an ad with a single video only

  1. Single image

You can use one image and create up to 6 variations of the advert 

  1. Slideshow 

This format lets you create a video loop by including up to 10 images

  1. Carousel

This features two or more scrollable videos or images 

Step 6: Choose the Placement of Your Ad

The placement of the ad matters as much as any other thing. You can make the ad appear on the news feed of Facebook. Or make the ads appear on Instagram at the same time.

It is recommended to use the default placements suggested by Facebook, depending on the objective of the app. The platform will automatically display the ads at the place where they are most likely to get the best results without costing a fortune. 

Step 7: Lock Everything Up

Done with everything? You are now ready to click the “place order” button which is located at the bottom of the page. Once you click on it, Facebook will first review everything and send a confirmation email as the ad goes live.

In case the ad doesn’t follow Facebook’s guidelines, they will ask you to revise it. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to reach out to support; it’s just like when you dial the Spectrum customer service number (1-855-837-6837) to address your queries.

Good luck with the campaign! 

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