A Complete Review of Content Camel

It is no surprise that the expectations of clients are getting more demanding than ever. It means selling is getting challenging by the day as well. And keeping up with the increasing expectations of the clients has proved to be extremely difficult.

To make it easy for sales reps to make successful deals, you must provide sales resources, materials, and tools. Sales enablement software is one of the best sales tools that every business must-have. It will help increase the efficiency of your sales team.

Since the market is filled with tons of sales enablement tools, picking the best can be a daunting task. If you are looking for the best sales tool, then Content Camel is an ideal option.

Want to know more about Content Camel? Here is a full review of the software.

What is Content Camel?

Content Camel is a web-based sales enablement tool that is developed for helping sales teams improve sales performance. Managing tons of folders can be daunting, tiring, and frustrating. It drives you insane. That is where the content management feature of the sales tool comes in handy.

The sales enablement software is designed to motivate, equip, and train sales reps to makes successful sales. It will allow you to organize and manage marketing and sales content. A great thing about this software is that you will not have to open different platforms to search for required content. It will organize all the content in one place.

Content camel offers a wide range of useful features. Read on to know more about its key features.


The sales enablement software has a lot of great features to offer. Here are some of the features that we loved in this sales tool.


It is no surprise that organizing all the content is challenging. Some content is stored on Drive while some are stored in local folders. It is tiring to figure out what content is stored and if it is important or not. But not anymore. Content Camel offers an amazing organizing feature that will enable the sales reps to sort all the content in one place. In this way, sales reps will not have to waste hundreds of hours looking for the right information to deliver at the right time. Moreover, you can track, share, search, and find content without any trouble.

Content Management

Another wonderful feature of Content Camel is content management. It enables the sales reps to work productively. There is no need to maintain a lot of folders to get things done. All the sales and marketing content will be organized in a place. Since the reps will not be spending a lot of time looking for information, they will close deals quickly. That is because the content is sorted through funnel stages, content type, and tags.

Whether they are looking for videos, white papers, posts, or eBooks, everything will be easy to access.


One of the features that we like in this software is sales analytics. It will help assess how well your content is performing. You will be able to know which content is working and which is not. The software is capable of providing customer insights and real-time metrics into customer engagement. With the help of this software, sales reps can improve their performance.

Also, the sales reps can create their views and export reports. The software will enable sales teams to assess the content that needs to be updated. It is an excellent tool that provides sales audits, so you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Access Controls

Content Camel provides internal and external flagging. It allows sales reps to not share some content with clients and prospects such as price lists, or sales decks. Not only this, but sales teams can sort the content in accordance with the sales cycle and sales process.

Stack Integration

Next on the list of features is stack integration. Since it is web-based software, it cannot be downloaded on any device. Fortunately, you can use it through Chrome Extension. The software will work smoothly and seamlessly with other platforms like Salesforce, Pipedrive, Outlook, Gmail, and SalesLoft.

Google Drive Integration

Thanks to Google Drive integration, sales reps can organize content both online and offline. It will allow them to import content from the local folders, the web, Dropbox, and Google Drive. The sales team can easily upload the content directly.

Excellent Buyer Experience

Content Camel delivers an exceptional buyer experience. With the help of Content Camel, sales reps can enhance the experience by offering personalized content. The sales tool will help decrease the sales cycle as the prospects can have self-service.

Furthermore, the sales reps can increase sales conversations with the help of tailored marketing content. It will also allow the sales reps to keep a track of customer engagement along with sharing custom pages.

Things That Needs Improvement

We didn’t like some things about this software.

The software can be better if there were some additional features like meeting management. Mostly, sales reps spend hours tiring to schedule a meeting. With the help of this feature, the reps can easily schedule a meeting in free slots.

Another thing we would like to see in this sales enablement software is in-person training. The sales tool is easy to use as the sales reps can perform better with in-person training.

A Final Word

We would like to recommend Content Camel to all the businesses that want to increase the productivity and efficiency of their sales team. Having easy access to the right information at the right time will enable sales reps to close deals quickly. They will not have to waste hours looking for required content. It is a wonderful software for organizing and managing marketing and sales content in one place. Being able to use this software along with various platforms like Gmail, SalesLoft, and more can make a huge difference.

Without a delay, subscribe to the sales enablement software for improving sales performance.

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