7 Tricks to position a post on your website

As you know, carrying out an SEO positioning strategy on our website is essential if we want to be number one in our sector on Google.

For this reason, in today’s article we are going to discover the 7 SEO tricks to position a post on your website .

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7 Tricks to position a post on your website

Appearing in the top positions of the big search engines like Google is not an easy task, so it is important to follow a series of tips or tricks, to boost our strategy.

know your potential customer

One of the first SEO tricks to position a post in Google is that we know our potential client or buyer persona in depth . To do this, we will have to put special emphasis on analyzing what your tastes, preferences and needs are, as well as what your age is, your favorite social networks, your geographical location, your mobile device …

Many of these questions will be resolved through tools such as Google Analytics .

Make a complete keyword research

Once we know the profile of our user to the millimeter, we can prepare a complete keyword study from which we can extract very valuable information to develop valuable content on our website.

Through this valuable content, we will solve doubts, problems and needs of our users by providing them with our product or service.

In this way, we will be able to attract potential clients to our website and therefore we will increase our sales opportunities. For further assistance, click SEO COMPANY | SEO SERVICES | SEO – SEO COMPANY

Work the linking

Another SEO trick to position your post is to work both the internal linking strategy and the external linking strategy . For the first, you must link those posts that are better positioned or that you want to position to increase your positions within the google ranking .

On the other hand, through external links, that is, blogs or media that link your post or website, you can increase your domain and page authority, since Google will understand that other quality websites are recommending you.

Betting on social networks

Social networks will be your faithful ally to spread the content of your blog. Of course, you should work with those networks in which your target audience is really in order to attract them and make them fall in love with your product or service.

By increasing visits to our website through social networks, we will be able to give a little push to our SEO positioning strategy.

Take care of the speed of your website

Another trick that we should never overlook to improve the SEO positioning of our website is its loading speed.

As you know, for Google it is essential that our page loads under 3 seconds .

Through an optimized web page in WPO we will be able to reduce the bounce rate of users on our page, increase the time of permanence and improve the browsing experience of our users.

Choose the correct template

Selecting a theme or template will influence when it comes to achieving results in the positioning of our post or web page.

Because there are more favorable templates such as Divi templates .

Divi templates weigh little so they don’t load on your website and they also have a section dedicated to SEO when working with them.

Bet on the video

Visual content is king, as we currently spend an average of 100 minutes a day watching videos.

In addition, through visual content on our blog we will be able to provide more valuable content, differentiate ourselves from our competition and increase the time users spend on our page.

It should also be noted that videos rank very quickly because YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world after Google.

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In summary, as we have seen there are a lot of SEO tricks to position a post on your website that you can take advantage of to increase your traffic and your conversions.

Finally, I hope that this article of SEO tips and tricks has been of great help to you to start working on your project and get to climb the top positions in Google.

Did you know all these SEO tricks to position a post or a landing page? Are you working on any of the SEO positioning strategies that we have been seeing throughout the post?

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