Top Web Design Trends That Every Designer Should Be Aware Of

Today, websites play a significant role in the growth of any enterprise or business. Impressions play a huge role in determining future actions. This is relatable to every aspect of a website. A website should have an interesting design that attracts the attention of the viewer in the first look. This factor is of foremost importance, as this would further guide how involved or interested the user will be. 

More than just about getting the looks, the user should find the process of indulgence easy without the thought of getting to understand how. The website should be user-oriented i.e., user –friendly with elements of active interaction periodically.

The role of web designer covers a wide spectrum of duties. These include the entire appearance, layout, color, text style, image graphics, and most importantly content. The content orientation and alignment plays a huge role in web designing along with graphics.  A Layout refers to how the information on a website is structured and classified. It’s among the basic steps which acts as the foundation of the website. One important aspect about hiring a web designer is always to look for local web development agencies. If you are residing in Charlotte, look for agencies in Charlotte as they are well aware of the local market, you can meet them personally and can discuss all your requirements. 

In 2021, there have been remarkable changes in the digital design sector. It features the latest typography art, unusual color schemes, 3D product simulations for online shoppers, and more. The following paragraphs have highlighted some of the most popular and adaptable web design trends that every designer should be aware of:

Popular Web Design Trends

Parallax Scroll Animation: Parallax is an optical illusion. When the object closer to the viewer moves behind the object at a greater distance from the viewer. It is about designing a page in a way that makes it clear to the user that there is more to see below the edge of the screen. Through this, you can give complete knowledge to the user.

Retro Fonts With Bold Typography: The scenario has completely changed the website designed using vibrant and warm colors has become the center of attraction for the user. Retro and bold fonts rejuvenate the design, and the combination of both makes the font look good. It will help you to achieve two different goals,

  • Deliver the brand message
  • Increase page visitors

It also serves as a tool for creating and choosing attractive formats for websites and mobile apps.

Visual Storytelling: Visual storytelling plays a crucial role in digital product design, as it effectively distributes product information. Uses visual storytelling on the landing page to attract the attention of visitors.

3D Immersive Elements: 3D elements make people beautiful and attractive. When integrating 3D design or need to ensure that it creates a good sense of harmony and makes your web page more attractive. 

While integrating 3D design one needs to ensure that it creates a good sense of harmony and makes your web page more attractive. With the help of a 3D banner, the user is encouraged to know about your website and business.

Dark Mode: Today, more people are joining the website giving dark mode features. The dark mode feature makes the content more attractive, so designers are adopting the dark mode feature. 

The black background provides the best backdrop and makes the design and other elements pop off the screen. It can also be made browser-friendly, which means if any of your users is using a dark mode, then your website will be compatible with that environment.

The most prominent example of dark mode is WhatsApp, where users enable dark mode or theme. Typically, switching to a dark mode provides higher visibility and contrast using soothing colors. That ultimately provides an excellent user experience, even without putting much strain on the eyes.

Hand-Drawn Design Elements To Bring Out Emotions: Hand-Drawn Design Element makes the user more likely to emotionally engage with your brand. It is a hand-made design that attracts the user’s attention in a stroke. 

Digital/hand-drawn illustrations have gained immense popularity and can also highlight the features of the products and services it offers, and it provides an anthropocentric experience. So it will be beneficial for a website or to implement the design trend.

Oversized Type and Element: The trend of large elements has become common these days. The good thing is that you are not limited to putting in a few elements. This design pattern allows text, images, GIFs, and even videos to be inserted in a custom format.

The Rise Of Technology – Augmented Reality (AR): Augmented Reality has been instrumental in making many brands and businesses accessible. Augmented Reality will become the top UI design in the coming years, and hopefully, more Augmented Reality will be included in the future.

Gaussian Blur Effect: Blur has become a popular tool and used as a background element. Similarly, the Gaussian Blur effect is used to add depth to the graphic design. If your website contains only a few pictures or copies, this special effect can help you increase the visibility of your website, purely as a partial background. 

The Gaussian Blur effect ensures that visitors have a pleasant and relaxing experience of your web design. When your visitors are satisfied, it will automatically optimize the user experience of your website.

Abstract Art Compositions: In the case of web design, it refers to all artistic elements of the work as a unified whole. Sometimes the abstract compositions are carefully planned, and sometimes they are put together spontaneously or later revised. Geometric primitives like squares and circles may seem simple, minimal, and restrictive, but web designers incorporate them into gigantic, complex creations that convey a sense of freedom.

Hiring a Web- Designer

Making a good website requires a professional skill set of understanding and implementing the knowledge. There are many freelance web designers available for the same. Moreover, you can also hire agencies that provide these kinds of services too, for instance charlotte web design.  These agencies have a trained set of professionals under them to provide the best service as per requirement.


Every year there is a great shift of trends in the market. One must be able to catch up with the latest advancements. Understanding the classics is also a key point to keep in mind. Technology has a miraculous way of extending the hands of improvements for user-oriented innovations. 

Understanding the key trends and innovatively implementing them can help make your website more engaging. The modern-day users have a trend-forward mindset; the expectation of betterment. 


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