5 Incredible Facts About the Port of San Francisco

There are over 360 shipping ports in the United States of America. These shipping ports receive and dispatch millions of TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units) every year. Most of these American ports have been expanding speedily in the past century. But no other port in the USA is as iconic as the port of San Francisco.

This port serves as the gateway to a first-rate city. It serves the city of San Francisco, the Bay Area, and California in general as a fantastic tourist attraction. The port is also home to many maritime innovations. Here are five incredible facts about San Francisco’s fantastic port –

  1. Money Maker

Over 500 businesses call San Francisco’s fantastic port home. These businesses generate over $100 million for the port every year. The port is home to many small, family-owned businesses. It also harbors some of the world’s most exquisite cruise ships. It’s fair to say that this port is a critical part of San Francisco’s economic spine.

  1. Hub of Global Trade

In 2019, San Francisco’s amazing port oversaw the export of goods worth over $6.5 billion. The port also oversaw the import of goods worth over $3.2 billion. That’s a whopping total of $9.7 billion in exports and imports. These amazing figures give San Francisco’s iconic port the rightful status of a global trade hub.

  1. Cruises are Back

San Francisco’s iconic port is the only passenger cruise terminal in Bay Area. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, cruise ships were absent in San Francisco’s iconic port for over 19 months. But, the “cruise hiatus” in San Francisco’s port is officially over. Of course, the city’s mayor has called for updated health protocols.

But, the city is very gleeful about welcoming cruises back to its famous Port. Tourism has always been San Francisco’s forte. The resumption of famous cruise vessels like “The Majestic Princess” will boost the local economy. In 2022, over 120 cruise ships will be called on the Port.

In 2019, these cruise ships contributed over $25 million to San Francisco’s economy. Hopefully, the resumption of passenger cruises will have a similar impact on San Francisco’s economy in 2022 and beyond.

  1. A Breath-Taking Portfolio

San Francisco’s historic port is not the biggest port in the USA. That title goes to the Port of Los Angeles, which is located nearby. This single biggest port in Northern America moves more than 9 million TEUs every year. Now, that’s an awe-inspiring number that even San Francisco’s iconic port can’t match.

But, San Francisco’s port’s operating portfolio is second to none. The port is home to over 500 – industrial, commercial, retail, and maritime businesses. It is also home to several world-famous landmarks such as –

  • The Oracle Park
  • The Fisherman’s Wharf
  • The Ferry Building
  • PIER 39

This iconic port also serves as the famous San Francisco Giants baseball team’s home.

  1. Governing the Iconic Port

A five-member board of “Commissioners” governs the port. This “Port Commission is appointed by San Francisco’s mayor. Each member serves four-year terms. The commission oversees leases, maintenance duties, and other administrative tasks.

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