YIFY Proxy list for 2022 | YTS Proxy and Mirror Sites

In this era of paid OTT platforms where you have to pay for the membership to watch your favourite TV shows and movies, many people still prefer downloading files from the usual torrenting sites because there they don’t have to pay to watch their favorite contents. These YIFY Proxy torrenting sites give people access to innumerous content without paying any fees.

One such torrenting site is the YIFY torrents which is also named as YIFY YTS.

YTS.ag, otherwise called YIFY Torrents or YIFY movies, is the best spot to discover and download videos.

On the off chance that you are an aficionado of the exemplary motion pictures and tunes, at that point, this torrent site is simply made for you. It offers top-notch motion pictures, the sound of most recent just as for exemplary films. On the off chance that one enjoys, at that point, there are captions for different motion pictures accessible here also.

YIFY gives an extraordinary method to access various video files and download them in formats including 720p HD, 1080p Full HD, and Blu-Ray.

YIFY movies tv is totally free of cost; clients will never have to pay anything to get to the site or unblock YIFY movies. The most incredible thing about the site is that clients can download high-quality videos, and also captions for various dialects, totally free of cost. Heaps of individuals visit the site, also in light of the fact that most the other torrent sites have conditions and prerequisites for getting to the torrents.
YIFY movies came under notice and suspicion of copyright regulators somewhere in 2015 and unfortunately, it had to be taken down from the internet. Yet, there are numerous websites that copied the YIFY YTS brand and still, they receive a huge amount of traffic every now and then from people all over the world to get access to their favourite watch times. These sites can be accessed only through YIFY proxy.

Also why you need to know about these YIFY proxy sites is because there are times when some mirror sites become unavailable or stop working, this is where these YIFY proxy come into play.

In this article, we have listed some of the best YIFY proxy sites which will help you to unblock the YIFY am torrent sites in your area.

Best and 100% working YIFY Proxy and Mirror Sites:

How Does a YIFY Proxy work in unblocking the torrents

Best YTS torrents Proxy sites:

  • https://yts.mx/
  • https://yts.pm/
  • https://ytss.unblocked.to/
  • https://yts.unblockit.top/
  • https://yts.vc/
  • https://yts.unblockit.top/
  • https://yts.ai/
  • https://yts.unblocked.lc/

Best YTS YIFY torrent Mirror sites:

  • https://yts.am/
  • http://www.yify-movies.net/
  • https://www4.yify.is/
  • https://yts.bypassed.wtf/
  • http://yify.live/
  • https://yifymovies.me/
  • http://yify.rocks/

How Does a YIFY Proxy work in unblocking the torrents?

A YIFY subs proxy works as a middle man for the customers who refer to certain services like downloading video torrents from the YIFY browser. If you were one of those die-hard fans who loved the easy to use interface and large libraries of your favourite movies and tv shows in YIFY stream torrents then these proxy and mirror sites will help you to get the experience once again.

While visiting all these sites you need to follow a protocol to avoid any kind of malware introduction into your devices. Also, these protocols will help you in getting an additional knock to unblock the YIFY tv.

These protocols are as follows-

Use a trustworthy VPN:

A VPN is the most by and large saw approach to managing to get access to YIFY subtitles. There are mirror sites and proxies that award individuals authorization to YIFY movies tv. On the off chance that you needn’t mess with anybody to comprehend that you’re getting to YIFY browser through a YTS go-between, by then you should utilize a VPN.

A VPN stands for a virtual private network which ensures security as well as hides you from your ISP provider. A dependable VPN will reroute your traffic to a pro in a substitute nation, permitting you to get to geo-restricted sites like YIFY movie sites. There are a huge amount of trustworthy VPNs out there, including Outbyte VPN, NordVPN, TorGuard, and ExpressVPN, among others.

Always remember to use a trustworthy VPN while connecting to the YIFY movies proxy to ensure your connection is secure.

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Download and Install TOR Browser:

One of the best ways to unblock the YIFY proxy is to research them stealthily. This can be done by the installation of a TOR browser on your device. Using TOR Browser to get to YIFY movie sites, you’ll have the choice to unblock the site if it is restricted in your overall area. The browser will pull back the site you visit so there is no movement and no outsider can track or follow you. The functioning of a TOR browser is just like any other browser, it consists of a search bar through which you can hover around the internet and find your favourite watch times on your favourite torrents without being followed or caught.

Using Public DNS Servers:

On the off chance that you can’t get to YIFY tv, it is without a doubt considering the way that your nearby DNS is hindering it. In any case, you can get around the hindrance by overriding your old DNS address with a public DNS address. Here are the techniques:

  1. Go to your taskbar, and click the Search bar.
  2. Inside the Search box, type “Control Panel” (no announcements).
  3. Select Control Panel from the outcomes.
  4. Right when the Control Panel is up, click Network and Internet.
  5. Straightforwardly, go to the right-hand side menu and click Change Adapter Settings.
  6. Right-click your network connection, and select Properties from the setting menu.
  7. On the Network Connection Properties window, select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).
  8. Select Properties.
  9. On the new window, select the ‘Use the following DNS server addresses’ alternative.
  10. Enter your Preferred and Alternate DNS Servers. To unblock YIFY proxy, utilize one of the public DNS workers underneath:
  11. Google DNS
  12. DNS Advantage
  13. Open DNS
  14. Norton DNS
  15. VisiZone
  16. DNS resolvers

Yts.ag Movies Official:

Being one of the most utilized and mainstream YTS proxy, this site is really popular among torrent lovers. It is utilized all over the place and gives an immense assortment of outcomes. In case you are a lover of the incredible movies and tunes, by then, this torrent site is basically made for you. It offers phenomenal movies, audio of latest similarly concerning incredible films.

The connection to this proxy is https//yts.ag unblock. If one likes, by then there are subtitles for various movies available here too. Consequently, it is extraordinary among other deluge destinations to download incitement. In any case, a lot of government and distinctive notable organization access providers have precluded this site from being used. yts.ag proxy is one of the celebrated proxy.

In case one can’t show up at the YIFY subtitles, by then they can use delegates. There are a huge amount of YTS go-betweens one can use from and get to the films and redirection they need. The interface of this proxy stands out amongst other various sites.


It is one of the quickest intermediaries. It is one of the most utilized a striking YTS go-between.

If you are an enthusiast of astounding movies and music, by then, this tempest site is basically made for you. It offers staggering movies, audio of latest similarly with respect to astounding movies. It gets the part of yts unblocked.

The relationship with this centre individual is https/yts.ag unblock. In case one appreciates, by then there are etchings for various movies available here other than.

Likewise, it is shocking among other torrenting site page to download inciting. Regardless, a huge amount of government and grouped appreciated structure get to providers have denied this site from being used. yts.ag delegate is one of the remarkable mediators.

By any chance if one can’t show up at the YIFY subtitles, by then they can use proxy sites. There are a huge proportion of YTS proxy sites one can use from and get to the films and favourite watch times they need.

YIFY YTS Proxy and Mirror Sites’ features:

At whatever point you are experiencing difficulty getting to the YIFY YTS trackers because of ISP impeding, you can generally circumvent that on the off chance that you have a decent YIFY proxy to utilize. Recently referenced, in certain districts the Internet Service Providers are mentioned to restrict admittance to YIFY sub and that is the point at which you can depend on a YIFY unblock proxy server to get to all your #1 content. Now and again, utilizing the best YTS intermediary will give you significantly quicker access than straightforwardly through the first site. Another incredible bit of leeway of utilizing a YIFY subtitle mirror site or proxy server when admittance to the first site is impeded originates from the way that you have countless alternatives accessible that it is practically incomprehensible not to discover one that works.

Alternatives for YIFY YTS :

We understand that several people couldn’t think about experiencing the monotonous example of changing to a public DNS server or utilizing a YIFY proxy site. Considering, if you belong to that category of people, there are YIFY tv choices that you can attempt. They are as follows:


RARBG is notable for encouraging quality content, which makes it a great contender for an alternative to YIFY sub. It is like manner has a perfect interface, which makes the course favourable and straightforward. Additionally, it boasts about a giant library of torrent records, consolidating films, TV shows, games, and even application installers. Thus, in case you are looking for a YIFY replacement, by then, RARBG can bring you a great option.

Torrent Bit:

Disregarding the way that Torrentbit has a huge film library, it’s attempted to scatter TV shows even more directly. A timetable with all exceptional releasing dates similarly as an initiation for colossal events is associated with the landing page.

Torrent bit has a great assembling of customers, who are to a great extent prepared to provide some help, whether or not you shouldn’t consider what you are after. There is also a full FAQ section. Additionally, you can by and large find various downpours that are open on the YIFY subtitle.


LimeTorrents is still not considered in the list of immense names in the business. Regardless, when you give it a shot, you will quickly get some answers concerning its tremendous ability to transform into the accompanying huge torrenting site. ExtraTorrent, The Pirate Bay, isoHunt, and KickassTorrents are consistently irritated by authorities. Over and over, these websites go out of order, which can be disturbing. Perhaps this is the inspiration, why LimeTorrents is quickly getting balance among the greater part. Like The Pirate Bay, LimeTorrents has an unblemished, straightforward interface. In any case, what’s inconceivable about it is that customers are still to examine inconsistently through arrangements.


In case you have to see the splendid torrenting site, by then you are at the helpful spot because EZTV is the greatest and amazing elective site for YTS. EZTV Torrent is loaded with TV shows, also records of years of anime series. Due to some security reasons, EZTV has lost some quality lately. The site is in like manner viable for a significant long, an ideal opportunity to incorporate new features, channels, etc. For the clients’ security reasons the site itself alerts customers to use a VPN before using the organization.


If you have to watch the latest movies and various other entertainment contents like music, TV shows, and gaming, etc., by then you should visit 1337x website since it is a focuses on the latest movies and is a best alternative site for YIFY, it usages the BitTorrent show to allow appropriated file-sharing of its inventory of torrent archives. The site has changed its domain names in several occasions to dodge a Google search blacklist; legitimately, it is using the.to space as its driving site, yet furthermore uses.se when the original site is out of reach.


Torrentz is a solid web zone search tool and the best in class torrenting site page which has the latest movies and music grouping. Torrentz2.eu is a cooperating, recipient, and replacement of Torrentz.eu.
Torrentsz2 is the guardian of all torrenting websites. Torrentz2 aggregates each downpour from significant torrenting areas. It resembles a storage facility of the diverse torrenting destinations that shows the contents from various torrenting locales. It’s nearer to the Google of torrenting than some other site and you ought to have the option to discover anything you need here.


PassThePopcorn is perhaps the greatest film torrenting site. One can get the film for everyone, on account of an unreasonable number of movies in various classes. Also, greatness isn’t bound. Practically every film you need can be accessed from its library. Its information base has in excess of 50,000 torrenting contents. Also, it’s not the bound, as it is effective with new movies of disparate kinds. Here one can discover new things and an exemplary film for everybody. Like satirical, thrillers, sci-fi, life story, suspense, sports, romantic, more. Its expense is noticing that the tracker has a motivating amount of Russian movies.

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Why is utilizing a VPN important to get to YIFY Proxy?

A VPN will save you from malware and provide a way to deal with getting around some disturbing torrenting blacklists, squares, or ISP obstructing. There are some determinant that can cause to use VPN to get to YIFY proxies.

We can’t stress enough that it is so basic to use a VPN while torrenting. Its inspiration goes past unblocking geo-restricted substance. These days, even normal Internet customers should have an inclination that everything is great with the world and haziness while getting to the Internet. For this circumstance, a VPN is maybe the best ways to deal with guarantee yourself when performing on web practices like torrenting.

A solid VPN will have a no records procedure, which will fend it from storing your information and data. Thusly, whether or not the organization requests its owners to hand over your personal information, they won’t have the alternative to give anything since they don’t have the information in their grip. Also, a fair VPN will have DNS spill affirmation. This is a part that screens your DNS requests, ensuring that they are encountering the VPN instead of your ISP. Thusly, no one will really discover your IP address and track you.

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YIFY YTS is an incomparable torrent site. No doubt all these proxies, and alternatives of YIFY am will provide you access to your favourite watch times but none can give you the experience of the original YIFY YTS website. The seamless interface, the large directories of latest movies, hassle free subtitles were some of the features this synonymous site used to give. However, every good thing has its time, YIFY am has served its time.

Hence these were some YIFY YTS proxy and mirror sites which will help you to reach to the YIFY torrent.

These choices instead of YIFY stream would keep you peppy and capable with all the substance you require. It is a woeful reality of the torrenting destinations that it has been finishing the administrations. We overall need to switch for choices rather than YIFY. Be that as it may, there are reliably various spots to endeavor while looking for torrenting sites.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is YIFY?

Yify deluges or YTS (Yify Torrent Solution) is considered as extraordinary compared to other torrenting pages for downloading films, music, and captions in an issue free way. The site has become well known in the torrenting specialty with its messiness free site and straightforwardness to look through an enormous number of downpour documents.

What is the working procedure of YIFY proxy sites?

Intermediary destinations normally function as a man-in-the-centre to give you a mysterious extension between your web association and the site you’re attempting to reach. On account of Yify intermediary locales, your program starts an association, association moves toward the intermediary webpage which thusly diverts to the objective site. Along these lines, the site you are attempting to reach can’t interpret the first IP delivers attempting to start the association. Consequently, Yify intermediary destinations help in vanishing your computerized impressions to sidestep geo-impeding by ISPs.

Why is YIFY not banned?

YIFY has formally been closed down as it was considered illegal. It has endured a similar destiny as Kickass and IsoHunt. In October 2015, the YIFY site became out of order without any information from any of the members or anyone associated with the website, and there was even no information about new YIFY releases. On October 30, 2015, it was affirmed that YIFY YTS was closed down forever. The site was closed down because of a claim originating from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

Has YIFY been shut down?

Yes, YIFY torrenting site has been shut down permanently since October 2015.

Is it safe to download from YIFY?

We always suggest and recommend you to use a trustworthy virtual private network to ensure your security and avoid being followed by outsiders. Using a virtual private network will ensure safety and you will be able to download your favourite TV shows and movies.

Is YIFY Illegal?

Different nations are allotting restrictions against torrenting destinations, and you may expect that a wide scope of torrenting is unlawful. Notwithstanding, torrenting itself isn’t unlawful. Sowing and downloading is in a perfect world inside the law — till it comes to copyrighted material. The identical goes for YIFY subs site.

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