What is the best LinkedIn lead generation software?

Hands down to eLink Pro and LinkedIn Sales Navigator 🙌— both are advanced and exclusive. Let me explain why these two lead-saviors are great to turn down your slate-prospecting into success. I’ve compiled user-reviews, pros and cons for ideal selection, below:



Simple to use and has a powerful engine under the hood to help with network growth, messaging and connecting with prospects. There is daily automation so you have limited work to do and can leave the app alone to get on with your sales and lead gen process. Also, like that it’s NOT cloud based. I don’t have to share my LinkedIn details with another app and have my data in the cloud somewhere. All the processing happens on my PC and I can watch it if I want.” -User Review 


eLink Pro is an emerging LinkedIn Sales tool for your social media marketing – -a sales magnet that sends connections across and a best-companion for the users of LinkedIn Recruiter, LinkedIn HubSpot, LinkedIn Sales Force and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Key Features:

  • Automate your lead generation.
  • Quality prospect targeting.
  • 100% end-results. 
  • Keyword filtering. 
  • Campaign scheduling. 
  • Fit-as-fiddle for all the business sizes. 
  • Multi-account management. 
  • Value for money.
  • No red flags so far.

What is the starting price?

eLink Pro starting price is $49.00 per month, per user.

Am I making the right choice?

Find out your business agility, right sales tool, current LinkedIn standing and full-flash. Always deliberate in-house. Confer with colleagues, even friends with experience. Authenticity of reviews can be a grey area so be sure to do the groundwork before making decisions based on assumptions. Create a forecast with solid margins of safety and clarify the potential return on investment of this tool and where it belongs in your wider business and or sales / marketing funnel. Then you can’t really go wrong. Especially with rolling subscriptions.

Free trial? 

Yes. Card details are required so always make a note if you do not want auto transition to the subscription – however you may decide already it is something you are ready to commit with. But trial periods are there to be maximised, so do not waste the time and get straight away implementing the process to utilise as much functionality and collect all of the data you can!

Customer Support? 

Available on business hours. No experience but as before-mention, check the reviews, the social channels, and even send an email to get some transparency. 

Any eLink Pro Alternatives?

    • Linked Helper – A legit lead hunter


  • Lead Fuze – A search Engine made for leads.


  • SocialPilot – This true social flier will take your post to places.

Yay or meh?

I would highly suggest using this tool for small teams.  


  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator | Better than ever


“The best thing that I like about the Sales Navigator is accounts and contacts search, with the help of this I am able to filler out the accounts and contacts according to my needs, geography, and technology used, there is a lot of filters are available in it and that works very fine. I dislike the price only, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a really expensive platform and I think small organizations may not able to afford this, thus I can say that I dislike the price only.” -User Review.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator lets your lead land directly to you. It is the sole-source for social selling on the broad sales landscape. It is simple, efficient, engaging, and builds powerful relationships between the prospects and customers, the tool looks for lead-pedigree and gives the most legit information. 

Key Features:

  • Very handy-dandy.
  • 20,30,50 InMail messages every month. 
  • Friendly packages for individual, team, and enterprise. 
  • Comes with an Advanced Search tool.
  • Recommends the best leads.
  • 100% integrative with CRM systems.
  • Keep you up-to-date.
  • Customized lead-listing.
  • Increases the potential of “Who viewed your profile.”
  • On-time reporting and reliability.
  • Closes great deals. 

Any red flags? 

I find it a bit pricey. But youre budget may be far superior. And spend is irrelevant if it is providing value, 

What is the starting price?

  • Professional plan costs $64.99/month with super-excited features. 
  • Team plan costs $103.33/month, the spine bone of team-lancing. 
  • An enterprise plan requires a custom quote. 

Any LinkedIn Sales Navigator Alternatives?

eLink Pro it is. Much affordable and plus ++ for all small and big organizations. 

Customer Support? 

24/7 availability. Linkedin as a corporation is a monstrous thing. Will be building on this over months and years no doubt. 

Yay or meh? 

Yes. Certainly do the trial. Try the options for you and your needs. Good luck in your prospecting journey.

Beyond the prospecting process

I add this here because what’s a prospect without a plan? Some tools you can use around there to max out the work.

Website visitor tracking
There are lots of tools like this again using the reverse IP so you can identify businesses of the traffic you drive when building business relationships. Leadberry and Lead Forensics Alternatives to check out and find the best pricing.

Auto email
I really like mix max as an all-in-one email solution for making powerful drip funnels.Social media scheduling
So many of these tools exist but it will depend which platform your audience is most active across – eg instagram, Planoly is really useful but of course a Buffer / hootsuite is for the wider usage.  

If you are relevant for this article then I am sure you have seen Monday. Their advertisements are everywhere, I would love to see their spending each month. If they back themselves so much it has to be worth trying!

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