Tips For Candid Photography

Love candid pictures while trekking or enjoying the yummiest food items? Instant photo clicks have their beauty and charm. They capture your unplanned moments, unplanned reactions, unplanned happiness.

You can click the natural moments, natural feelings through candid pictures. There are no directions and instructions involved in candid photography.

Candid photography can fit in every kind of occasion, feeling, and event. You can click candid pictures during weddings, birthday parties, corporate get-togethers, and many others.

Clicking candid pictures is one of the challenging tasks while photographing. Capturing the real moments and actions needs to be super quick. A delay can cause you to miss the moment you want to capture.

Tips For Candid Photography

Here are some tips to help you with candid photography.

Develop Observational skills

Candid photography is all about observing the right moments at the right time. You have to have good observation skills for clicking candid photographs.

Keeping an eagle eye with fast capturing speed can help you click eye-catching candid photographs. Your observation power will help you find and capture the candid moments around you.

Besides, you also have to observe and decide the best angle and lighting to click the candid picture.

Buy the right gear

You may require a camera for clicking high-quality candid photographs. Without a proper camera, you cannot click candid pictures. If you have a smartphone with a high-quality camera, buying a camera can be avoided.

The quality and the size of the camera lens will also affect the quality of the clicked photographs.

Long lenses also help you to click pictures from a distance. You can easily capture candid photographs without interrupting the moment.

Long and high-quality lenses also help capture the minute details of the candid moment. You can shoot the close shots without letting the person in the frame know.

Check out the lighting

Lighting affects the quality of the image shot. Lighting can make your photographs stand out or ruin them. Make sure that there is adequate light in the room or area.

The lighting should not be too dark or too sunny. Excess of light and dark can ruin the lighting effect in the photograph. Thus, before clicking the candid photographs, you need to observe the place.

You can even try changing the eye level by clicking the photographs. Trying to shoot from a different eye level or angle can help you achieve perfect lighting in the images.

 Be ready

One of the main elements of candid photography is timing. You require speed to capture the moments. Thus, be always ready with your camera.

Keeping the camera-ready can help you capture candid moments easily. For convenience, you can use the wrist strap, shoulder strap, etc for carrying the camera. Having support while carrying the camera can help you to have a grip on the camera while shooting.

 Avoid Using Flash

Try avoiding the use of flash while clicking candid photographs. Flash on the subject’s face can ruin the moment and the photograph. Flash produces too much light on the face in the captured images.

Also, flashlights can eliminate the essence of candid photography. It can make the photography look planned and unnatural.

Find your position

If you want to click candid pictures, you have to be at the right place. Explore the area and find a location where you can click candid photographs. Lighting effect, distance from the subject, etc., are some of the factors you can consider while choosing the place for photographing.

These factors can help you find the right location for clicking candid photographs.

Shoot multiple shots

While doing candid photography, you can shoot multiple shots at a time. It will help you capture all the moments occurring in between the candid moments.

Burst mode is one of the ways through which you can shoot multiple images in a go. Multiple shots can also help you choose among the best clicked candid photographs.


Candid photography captures the best natural moments of the event. Through candid photography, you can store some of the best unnoticed moments of your life.

It helps you capture people’s feelings, emotions, reactions without letting them know. The natural and the raw feelings are the essence of candid photography.

Here are some of the tips that can help in candid photography. You can use them to click some of the best candid photographs. One bonus tip is to stay natural and capture from your whole heart. You will have the best candid photographs collection with you.

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