Tips and Tricks for State of Survival: The Zombie Apocalypse

State of Survival: Zombie Apocalypse is a Survival Strategy game developed by KingsGroup Holdings and endorsed and approved by AMC, the makers of the Television series: The Walking Dead. The game revolves around an outbreak that happened 6 months ago, and you play as an army sergeant who is well aware and prepared to fight hordes of Zombies to survive and fight another day. This fighting becomes harder day by day, but you are not alone in this as you join new alliances and fight alongside your friends and followers, which brings along support and new skills to add to your arsenal. 

You can fight alongside these compatriots and use their skills on the battlefield to increase the chance of your survival alongside making defenses to keep off hordes upon hordes of zombies.  This difficult time not only requires you to be on your toes all the time but also need to conquer your fear, lest you become consumed by them. Do you possess what it takes to survive?

In the State of Survival: Zombie Apocalypse, you need to build and expand your base, build farms to keep food flowing, keep updated your lumber mills so you can make more and build defenses. Water towers for the clean supply of water. Your settlement will start small but needs to become a colony which is paramount to your survival. All the while building an army from this colony to eventually get rid of the zombies.

You’ll not be alone against the zombie hordes, other colonies will fight alongside, and eventually, some may even try to take everything from you, so you need to expand in the State of Survival; otherwise, you may lose it all.  You can use many tools at your disposal, among which a dog is a trusty companion who can hunt with you and help you capture more territories and bases. 

State of Survival: Zombie Apocalypse is best played on PC with LDPlayer with keyboard and mouse to enhance your gameplay.

Can State of Survival: Zombie Apocalypse be played on PC?

Yes, the game surely can be played on PC. Before we go into detail about how and why there are 2 main methods to play State of Survival on PC.

  • Method 1 – This game can easily be played in your browser on your PC or even mobile, for that matter, without the need to download. Follow the link and play instantly.
  • Method 2 – For smoother gameplay and higher graphics, you can use an emulator to download and install State of Survival on your PC, free of cost.

Play State of Survival – Zombie Apocalypse on PC using the LDPlayer:

As we have said before, you can play the game on PC using LDPlayer for enhanced and smooth gameplay; let’s learn the method to do so.

How to download and play:

  • Download LDPlayer from the website.
  • Install from the .exe file.
  • Start the emulator and sign in with Google Account or make a new one if you don’t have one.
  • Search for the game in LDPlayer Store or Google Play Store.
  • Click to install the game on the game’s page.
  • Click to start playing on the State of Survival: Zombie Apocalypse icon on the home screen of the LDPlayer.

Why Play on LDPlayer?

If smoother graphics weren’t enough, let us explain to you in detail the benefits you reap from using LDPlayer to play games on PC.

  • Zoom – You can zoom in and also zoom out just by the keyboard by using the arrow keys and get in on the action when needed.
  • Key binding and Macro – You can select specific tap spots tuned with your mouse clicks by using the key bind and macro feature of the LDPlayer. This binding and macro is an exquisite way of playing the State of Survival the way it was meant to be played.
  • The Macro function helps you store multiple taps to skip boring parts and tasks of the game as this function lets you record your actions which you can replicate at any moment with just a click of a button.
  • Multi-Instancing – With the Multi-Instance feature of LDPlayer, you can play more than one game on your PC or do multiple tasks simultaneously. You can also use this feature in the State of Survival: Zombie Apocalypse to set up a farming account, as it is quite common and popular in this genre of games.
  • Improved Graphics – With improved graphics and FPS enabled by seamless settings in LDPlayer; you can fight the horde in amazing graphics without even a stutter. 
  • Screen Size – And to top it all off, you are not restricted on your mobile with a small screen; play it on bigger monitors or your laptop screens to enjoy the best graphics.
  • Battery and Power – no more limitations; now, you can play for longer hours and focus on the gameplay without worrying about battery and other distractions by calls and notifications.

Tips and Tricks for State of Survival – Zombie Apocalypse:

Now that we have explained to you the best tip for State of Survival in the shape of playing it on PC let’s dive into other important tips and tricks for the game.

Regular Login – The most important advice while playing any game of this genre is to be always consistent, which you will be unable to do if you don’t log in regularly as you can grind for resources whenever you are online, give commands to your troops from time to time and keeping the research going without giving any downtime to your settlement. This regularity holds especially true if you want to be stronger than other players and opponents.

Builder Online – Builders are the backbone of your colony, so keep them engaged at all times. The faster you build buildings, the higher-level opportunities you will have. You can always hire another builder if need be by paying 200 biocaps.

Troops after Level 7 – We recommend focusing on building resource generators and research first, so you have enough steady stream of them before you start building and training troops. This way, you can build your first troops of Tier 3 instead of lower Tier. Early in the game, you won’t have as many encounters, so saving resources for later is always a godsend.

Wilderness Exploration – Exploration is the key to survival in this game. So send them out to expand the tiles of the map as soon as you can. Exploration will help your colony gather more resources and be well prepared for dangers lurking nearby your settlement. The more monsters and dangers you clear, the longer you will have reprise from attacks.

Focus on Story Mode – The storyline completion awards you with Combat Manuals, which are XP in this game, and has badges and Hero fragments to power up your Heroes and gear for your Heroes to make them unstoppable. Who can say no to free stuff? It is of paramount importance as eventually, you’ll need to improve further your Heroes, which can be done from Explorer Trail and defeating the infected, but you cant fight harder monsters if you haven’t made your Heroes early on.

Camp Upgrades – Many of your buildings rely on Camp upgrades, and if you have a higher level of your buildings, the more efficient you can be and tackle harder areas and content to reap more benefits. This is a no-brainer.

Alliances – As soon as you are strong enough, joining an Alliance is the best thing that can happen to you. Besides getting just some boosts, you will always get protection from other factions and trade resources to amount your Alliance.


State of Survival: Zombie Apocalypse is a War management and strategy game that requires a lot of resources to be gathered and grinded for, especially in the latter stages of the game, and it is entirely not possible without the use of Farmer accounts which is made much easier with the Multi-Instance feature of LDPlayer, the best way to play.

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