Things  You  Must  Know about a Stock Trading  App

A Stock Trading app is used to trade stocks on the Stock Market.   It helps you open a Trading account, letting you trade in securities.  Stockbrokers and other financial institutions are generally those  who provide Trading apps. A stockbroker generally helps you to open  a Demat account as well. They provide a 2-1 account service which you can use to store and trade in various securities.

IIFL Securities is among the leading stock brokers in India. They are a full-service broker helping investors to carry out trades. They provide a Stock Trading app that you can use to trade regularly in the Stock Market.

Before choosing a Stock Trading App, here are a few must-have features in a Trading app that you should know –

  1. Easy to Use User-interface.

The app must be user-friendly. You should be able to understand and use all of its  features with 1 tap of a button. Navigation around the app should be easy. The different tabs and buttons should be of the right size, so one can click on them  without any difficulty.

  1. Smooth and Quick Trading Experience.

You should be able to choose shares you wish to trade smoothly and carry those trades out instantly . This will ensure that you execute your orders successfully.

  1. Good Technical Support.

They should have an experienced team of engineers and customer care executives who help you out if you face any technical issues. They could range from glitches or bugs to an issue in the settlement of shares or money. A good stock trading app must have this team, so you receive help as soon as you face the issue and it’s resolved at the earliest.

  1. Latest Information.

The app must provide you with the latest news regarding all the companies listed on the Stock Market. Apart from this, other information like latest charts, in-depth research, financial reports, etc. It helps you make better trades, so that you can earn maximum gains.

  1. Portfolio Information.

You must be able to oversee and manage your portfolio efficiently. Having a clear and complete view of your portfolio helps you know where all your funds are invested. Based on this information, you can diversify your portfolio to ensure you don’t face any losses and make significant profits.

All these features are provided by the IIFL Markets App. Apart from these, they have a few additional features like notifications. You will receive notifications based on your trading activities. If you set the price alert for a particular stock, then you will receive a notification when this price point is reached. You can then enter a position by buying shares or exit your position by selling shares.

They provide a secure log-in facility that allows you to use a 4 digit Mpin ensuring only you can access the Market App. This app is supportive to Android and Apple devices.

I hope based on this blog, you can make a decision to choose a good Stock Trading app as per your needs and requirements.





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