Things You Need to Know Before Hiring A Call Center

The trend of marketing is changing and the world is up to the new methods of advertising. Companies around the globe are relying heavily on call centers to advertise their product or service. After the COVID-19 pandemic, the face to face interaction has reduced immensely. With that fact, the use of call center agents has elevated a great deal. According to a report, customer calls increased incalculably during the pandemic. As the layer of pandemic hit hard the employment status of the world, call centers are still providing employment opportunities. According to the U.S. Bureau of labor statistics, American companies employ roughly 2.9 million customer-service workers. Call center companies have vast properties and benefits. If you are interested in hiring one, read on to know more.

What is a call center?

A call center is a department or an office that takes and makes calls. The calls may be inbound – explorations or support calls – or outbound – marketing and advertising. A call center incorporates many duties and a large number of employees. It is a centralized office that receives and makes a large number of telephone calls. Call centers are either located in the office or outsourced. The customers from whom a call center receives calls are either new or existing. Professional call center companies in Dubai pay a great deal of attention to lead generation. A call center differs from a contact center in the way that it only deals with voice calls. The call center is considered as a contact center for as long as it accepts calls and emails.

What roles do they play?

As mentioned, call centers greatly deal in calls, both inbound and outbound. They deal with the customers in a thoughtful and helpful way. The customers make calls regarding some inquiries or support. The call center agents help these customers with their problems. They offer their services across different customer service mediums. If you are hiring a call center, you expect them to answer calls on behalf of your business. An incoming call to a business office is usually forwarded to the call center agents whom they answer. The agents either use a script or a set of guidelines to help the customers on call.

A customer representative agent is so experienced that they make the customer believe that they have reached your Business Process Outsource. An inbound call center includes taking messages, calls and emails from customers. The process also includes order taking and answering frequently asked questions. The roles of call center agents differ based on the types of call centers. Following are the types of call centers discussed:

Inbound call centers: An inbound call center gets incoming calls from clients. The company agents usually pay great attention to inbound calls. Because they know that the calls will come from existing clients with issues or questions.

Outbound call centers: An outbound call center makes calls to outside customers mostly. The sales team usually calls potential clients about the company’s product or service. Organizations likewise may settle on outbound calls to study customers and gather statistical surveying.

How much a call center charge?

The call centers around the world charge different rates. Talking about the charges in UAE, the rates vary with the type of call center that you are hiring. If it’s an inbound call center that you are looking for, it is going to cost you much. In-house calling is an expensive way to reach the audience and advertise your product or service. The rate of the inbound call per hour is 55 AED which is too much. Another option might see fit for the B2B companies which are outsourcing the call center. Depending on the needs of every company, outsourcing is a good option. The cost of outsourcing a call center will depend on many factors then. Call center companies in Dubai offer the outsourcing facility at affordable rates. B2B companies need to contact these professional entities in order to hire an affordable call center.

Why hire a call center?

Hiring a call center in today’s world is quite advantageous. With the technological advancements and highly competitive environment, it is hard to reach a fragmented audience. In order to boost the sales up and attract a bulk of customers, call centers are the best options available for B2B companies. Some of the reasons to hire a call center are discussed in the coming lines.

  1. Cost efficiency: Outsourcing a call center can cut the cost for companies to a significant degree. The cost of hiring and training the staff gets omitted completely.
  2. Established workplace: Hiring a call center provides the benefit of an already established infrastructure. The contractor you hire already has the infrastructure up and running. Companies don’t have to invest in that part.
  3. Guaranteed outcome: An already established call center is a market leader. With the knowledge of each and every aspect, call center agents can provide you with fruitful results in a short span of time.


The B2B companies operating in UAE must exploit the opportunity of outsourcing a call center. With favorable market conditions, the decision can offer productive outcomes. Companies must consult the call center professionals for the call center to boost their sales up.

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