The Best PUBG settings According To Gameloop

This is how you should set up PUBG Mobile with Gameloop

It’s hard to find anything exciting to do in this pandemic other than PUBG Mobile. The problem is that now you are burning your phone’s energy three times a day, forcing you to sit by the charger for the entire day.

Using Gameloop’s best PUBG settings, will you be able to play the game on an average PC? If you are playing PUBG Mobile on a PC, it runs better than on a handheld device, regardless of where you are. Emulators such as LD Player are also excellent options, but Gameloop is unmatched for Best Emulator For PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty.

During last year’s Mobile World Congress, Tencent Game Buddy sold more than fifty million copies. Gameloop took a year off last year so that it could appear as Gameloop. Some of the features of it are identical to those you would find in it.

It is recommended that you update some emulator settings according to Gameloop’s guidelines to play PUBG smoothly on the Emulator. Gameloop’s performance guide can be adjusted in three ways:

  • Settings in Gameloop 
  • System settings
  • Setting up PUBG Mobile

We’ll take you right back to the day when we used to use keyboards and mice.

The best PUBG settings, according to Gameloop.

  1. For PUBG, you can download Gameloop.

To install Gameloop, you will need to install Call of Duty as well. This will result in performance and memory issues if you only play PUBG Mobile.

For more information about Gameloop, please visit their website. Gameloop’s best PUBG settings are fun to try. From the above-mentioned official website, you can download the PUBG Mobile Installer. Without any delay, complete the installation.

  1. Gameloop Basics settings

Four options are available for general settings. Among those options, check “Hide Advanced Watermark.”.

The “Download Priority Mode” speeds up your internet connection to download more games and updates faster.

  1. Gameloop Engine Settings

Choose the appropriate rendering type (based on your Emulator’s performance)

Choose DirectX+:

The best performance for your PUBG Mobile FPS and Gameloop Emulator is obtained if you choose this option.

OpenGL (update):

Older GPUs have been proven to work better with OpenGL instead of DirectX. Both are worth trying. The process is simple. It remains the same for the rest of the settings. For your reference, please see the table below. The approximation is reasonable.

Refer to the given table below for a good approximation.

  • DirectX+ = Good GPU + CPU
  • DirectX = Good Gpu + Medium GPU
  • OpenGL+ = Good GPU + Medium CPU
  • OpenGL = Medium CPU + Medium GPU

Antialiasing (Closed/Disabled):

The close option in Gameloop settings must be turned off. Taking advantage of this step will help you save loads of RAM and processing power. As well as preventing display glitches, it helps you to play smoothly.


Memory should be kept at the same level or slightly below the system RAM. You would set 4096MB if you had 4GB of RAM.


Having Gameloop Emulator access to all the features that it needs is essential. If you are playing a game, do not use other applications. The number of cores should be the same as the number of processors in your system. It is the only affordable option available until now.


When you make all the necessary adjustments to your game, but it still lags, you need to change this option. This means you will have the greatest possible gaming experience and performance at your default resolution with Gameloop.


Tencent sets PUBG Mobile’s recommended DPI.

  1. Changing the settings for Gamesloop

PUBG is a game that requires this TabTab if you want to play in Gameloop.

Game Resolution:

When you can’t kill an enemy and don’t get a chicken dinner trophy, what’s the point of playing this game. Your opponents will never know what you are up to if you select the lowest option. Hence, there’s no need to lower the resolution, and it should resemble the monitor’s resolution.

Display Quality:

Gaming fans who dislike lag will find this option to be the most effective when playing PUBG. Your taste for smoothness will grow as you use the Emulator.

PUBG Mobile Game settings

Accelerated Option:

You will be able to flick faster and play faster if you enable the “Accelerate” option in the right corner of the game.

Note: This doesn’t exist in the latest version of the Gameloop Emulator.

  • Display FPS: This option helps you to know whether your game is lag-free or not.
  • At the top right corner, click on the triple bar icon.
  • Choose “Display FPS.”
  • On the upper-left nook of your screen, you will come across game FPS.

System Settings

Process Priority:

When you start your game in Gameloop, then blow in the directions given below.”

  • You have to press Alt + Tabb.
  • Go back to your desktop and start Task Manager.
  • Deem the process “AndroidEmulator.exe.”
  • And then set as “HIGH.”

Allocated Virtual Memory:

You need extra Memory if your system runs out of RAM. It doubles your actual Memory because of your virtual Memory. Follow the steps:

  • Go to the Control panel.
  • Then “System and security.”
  • Choose “System.”
  • On the left corner of the column, choose “Advanced system settings.”
  • Then Performance settings > Advanced > Virtual Memory.
  • Doble your actual RAM, e.g., 16GB, if you have 8GB of RAM.

So, here we end all the guidelines for Gameloop’s best settings for PUBG. Enjoy your game smoothly and efficiently.

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